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11 Smart and Creative Big Blank Wall Solutions

Living in a loft or a large old space of any kind means that you’re going to be dealing with plenty of big, blank spaces. They can seem intimidating at first, but ultimately they are a canvas for whatever is interesting to you. If you are into art, there’s nothing better than a large wall for displaying it; if light and space are more your thing, nothing beats a mirrored wall.

Of course, you can always make a super-statement with pattern, whether that be from wallpaper or a hand-painted design. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of options to making a large blank wall come alive.

Wall of Glass

One way to solve the blank wall problem is to transform it into a giant mirror. You will effectively double your space, at least visually, and since mirrors reflect light, you will find yourself in a brighter, lighter space too.

Reflection creates space galore

Decorative Paint

A big blank wall equals a big blank canvas. Which means a decorative painter (like Ted Somogyl here) can transform it into one giant pattern—something larger and more specifically oriented to the space than you might be able to achieve with wallpaper.

A painted pattern is a bold solution to a blank wall

A pattern is one option, but another is more of a scene, like this treescape silhouette in Melbourne, Australia, also hand-painted.

A handpainted living room wall

An Enlarged Photograph

Rather than a pattern, why not try a giant photograph to fill a big empty wall? A nature scene brings the natural world indoors, or a giant night-time city scene could bring an urban feel to a rural space.

Even casual spaces can get a lift from a bold wall

Also a forest, but in a totally different colorway, this take on a large photographic image makes a statement and sets a relaxed mood.

A modern take on the natural photo-mural


There are so many different types of wallpapers available these days, from the conventional to the crazy. It has been—and continues to be—a great way to fill a large blank space. The damask pattern below is a traditional way to tackle the problem.

Here a large dining room wall gets color and pattern from wallpaper

A kid’s room with a huge wall, which could be stark and unattractive, is turned into a dolphin-bobbing ocean scene with a painted blue sky above for extra effect.

A fun kids room that feels like being on the great open seas

A Collection of Drawings and Sketches

You can easily fill a wall with a collection—in this case, a monochrome (plus red) grouping of drawings and sketches. Filling a wall this way requires good lighting and time to collect the art, but its impact is undeniable—and very personal.

A creative and eclectic collection of sketches

Black-and-white only is an easy way to go when it comes to wall art that makes a statement but doesn’t take over the space. Using your own photography and a collection of similar-but-not-the-same frames will give your selections cohesiveness.

A collection of black and white framed images

An Upholstered Wall

Especially for a bedroom, upholstery is a practical and beautiful way to dress up a blank wall (and, when done well as in the example below, also makes a headboard unnecessary). The lovely bedroom below is lined with linen upholstery.

Notice that the walls here are upholstered both behind the bed, and also the side walls

Upholstery lends gentle texture to a wall, and works with almost any style, from traditional (above) to modern (below).

An upholstered wall in a bedroom


Starre Vartan

Starre Vartan is a design, travel, and environment writer, editor, and author who had a free-range childhood in New York’s Hudson Valley and the beach ‘burbs of Sydney, Australia. She feels most at home outdoors, and has lived off-grid on Hawaii’s Big Island; mountain biked in Trinidad; hiked the Continental Divide, and rappelled down an A[...]

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