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12 Remarkable Home Offices with an Ocean View

A home office is a different place for different people. It is not just about the ergonomics of the space, its design and the decor and accessories within. A truly complete home office inspires you and allows you to be at your creative and productive best. And few things are as stimulating and refreshing as the sight of sand and surf just outside the window! A home office with an ocean view is not a privilege that many of us enjoy. But if you do have an oceanfront home with room for a smart office space, then it indeed is the best place to get some work done while taking in the stunning view outside.

Cool home office brings the sights and sounds outside indoors! [Design: Saccaro USA / Barry Grossman Photography]

The easiest option is to pick a theme for the home office that reflects the environment and the colors outside, and those with a coastal theme or beach style are the favorites in this regard. But the 12 amazing home offices on display today go beyond these obvious choices and showcase an amazing array of varied styles.

An Air of Modernity

This contemporary home office embraces the classic coastal colors without actually going overboard. The backdrop of the room reminds us of a brownish, sandy beach and also adds elegant texture to the space. Open shelves and an extended glass workstation with a pedestal stand at the end give the room visual lightness and keep the space as uncluttered as possible. Large sliding doors that bring in the ocean complete the look.

Drapes bring beauty and elegance to the contemporary home office [Design: The Decorators Unlimited]

We absolutely love the look of this home office for the simple yet beautiful use of glass walls that bring the outdoors inside with effortless ease. Also notice how the decor is kept as unassuming as possible, and there is no clutter of unnecessary accessories. This cuts down on any visual distraction and keeps the focus firmly on the spectacular view outside. The custom desk and plush armchairs add to the contemporary vibe of the home office.

Modern home office keeps the focus on the view outside [Design: Booth Hansen]

There is absolutely no doubt that the modern minimalist will fall head over heels at the sight of the stunning black and white home office below. The exquisite space is connected with the living area and matches any professional workspace you can think of both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The stone flooring, glossy finishes and textured walls elevate its aura, even as the remarkable ocean view becomes the ideal backdrop for the room.

Home office that is a minimalist’s paradise! [Design: Nieto Design Group]

What good is an ocean front home with a beautiful home office if you cannot actually take in the view on offer? While both traditional approach to design and even the art of Feng Shui dictate that you must be facing the door while at work in the office, the inspiration below is an exception to the rule. The placement of decor inside this spacious home office is defined by the charming view outside the curved window!

Take complete advantage of the captivating view outside! [Design: Brion Jeannette Architecture]

Capture the Perfect View

The attic is probably the best place for a home office in a beachfront residence, and if you find the idea unappealing, pick a room that offers the best vantage point. Home office here combines nautical style with a hint of industrial charm to create a unique space that is both refreshing and unassuming. The classic touches with the unique desk, colorful rug and the tripod floor lamp are unmistakable. Yet the interior has a breezy and cheerful ambiance largely thanks to the view outside the windows!

Antique nautical pieces and unique design shape this ingenious home office [Design: NOOOR architecte d’interieur]

Talk about framing the view elegantly! Both the armchairs in the room and the large bookshelf bring visual symmetry to the setting, even as a beautiful blend of artificial and natural light drives away any sense of dullness. Adorned with a custom-crafted desk, striking wall art and a ceiling that adds geometric beauty to the room, this home office is an absolute showstopper.

Contemporary home office with a touch of tropical charm [Design: dRichards Interiors]

The two home workspaces below show how easily a ‘normal looking’ home office is transformed into a captivating setting by simply opening it up to the view outside. Even if you are not just a stone’s throw away from the ocean, the mere sight of the vast blue several miles away can add to the ambiance of the room.

Gorgeous home office with ocean view and a relaxing ambiance [Design: Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects]
Refreshing sight of the ocean should help in keeping you fresh and creative! [Design: Siemasko + Verbridge]

All about Space

Space is not really an insurmountable obstacle when you are trying to craft a home office in a house that already feels cramped. Just carve out a corner in the bedroom, kitchen or even in the hallway that has a lovely window and add some open shelves and a smart desk to get the job done. Staircase landings and mezzanine levels can also host a gorgeous home office. This approach is perfect for those who barely spend an hour or two each week browsing through work at the comfort of their home. And if you have a view that is as spectacular as the one boasted by the inspirations below, those few hours will seem a lot less taxing!

Turn a spacious nook into a home office [Design: Sanctuary Architects]
Simple and eclectic home office with stunning ocean view [Design: Causa Design Group]
Home office offers spectacular views of the rugged coastline and the Pacific [Design: Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty]

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