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Defining Elements Of The Modern Rustic Home

Modern Rustic is such a buzz term. Everyone seems to be embracing rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities. Personally, I LOVE this style! I am a sucker for character and modern interiors, so why not combine the two? [from Carney Logan Burke Architects]

What is Modern Rustic?

The key to a modern rustic space is an open floor plan, modern furniture, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements. The color scheme is very simple with large windows bringing the outdoors in. This style has an informal elegance – comfortable and modern living at its best!

Raw Wood and Stone

This is perhaps the most important feature of a modern rustic home. Lovers of this style want to bring nature inside. If you have an old home, it is important to preserve the character and original architectural detail — show off that old stone wall! If you build new, expose your beams, use reclaimed wood, or include a stone fireplace. The modern rustics never forget the fifth wall: the ceiling. A-frame homes with cathedral wood-covered ceilings are quite popular, or big beams adorn the rustic space. [from Thea Home, Inc]

This beautiful bedroom in Aspen, CO has a reclaimed wood ceiling and an exposed exterior stone wall. [from Zone Four Architects]

If you do not have cathedral ceilings, no worries–you can still get the look of exposed beams on your ceiling like the image below. [from Lonny]

Wood is not just for the interior of your home. Reclaimed wood makes a magnificent impact on your exterior as well. [from Zone Four Architects]

Simple Natural Fabrics

The natural aspect of a rustic modern home carries through to the upholstery, linens, and rugs. Simple fabrics without a print are a common choice. So, if you love this style, keep your furniture neutral and go as natural as you can! Think linen throw pillows, jute, sisal, and hides for natural appeal.

Notice the cowhides and sand-colored furniture in this rustic modern abode.  [from Artistic Designs for Living]

In rustic modern homes, cowhides are often popular for their practicality and natural look. Cowhides are extremely durable and hard to stain. Even red wine won’t harm these beauties, making these chairs a perfect choice! [from Lindy Donnelly]

Dining room set with cow hide chair and wooden table

Sheepskin is another option that will make your interior feel cozy. [from Uptic Studios]

Room with a View

Big windows are another extremely important feature of the rustic modern home. In fact, this is a feature that both satisfies rustic interiors and modern sensibilities, making it a decisive design component to this style of home. A modern home is always open and full of light, making windows a trademark element. Similarly, rustics want their space to feel as close to the outdoors as possible, therefore, an easy sightline to the outdoors is a rustic’s top priority. [from Jose Garcia Design]

How about waking up to a view?! [from Blansfield Builders]

Modern Furniture and Amenities

The whole point of this style is to get all the charm and warmth of a rustic dwelling, with all of the conveniences and style of a modern home. So, needless to say, keep your pieces modern! Furniture wise, mid-century pieces are perfect for this style — the unadorned leather and wood is a perfect material match. As for the kitchen, I want to see all the updates of a modern home! You can even use clean modern lines. [from Zone Four ArchitectsBlansfield Builders]

Just because your home is rustic doesn’t mean your furniture has to be! [from Jeffers Design Group]

Natural Color Scheme

You will notice that in a rustic modern home, the colors are subdued. While I do love brightly-colored or wallpapered walls, they just don’t belong in a rustic modern interior. For this style, keep your walls white, or cover them in a natural material like wood or stone. [from Artistic Designs for Living]

Don’t Forget the Fireplace

This style is all about being cozy, so you’ve got to have a fireplace. You can choose a rustic style in stone, or a modern wood stove. No matter your choice, a wood-burning fireplace best fits this natural-style home. [from On Site Management, Weber + Studio]

 What do you think of the modern rustic style?  Share your comments below!

Whitney Wood

I write for decoist.

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