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Trendy Storage Units Bring Chic Adaptability to the Modern Bedroom

Are you struggling to achieve that ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality in your bedroom? Maybe it’s the lack of space that is impeding your quest for the perfect bedroom? Offering a smart solution that exquisitely brings together both form and ergonomics, the latest lineup of bedroom storage units from Jesse just might solve all your decorating conundrums! These smart units can be configured to suit the specific needs of your bedroom, and they can also easily multitask as trendy nightstands that will help tuck away your favorite books and an array of gadgets that you simply cannot live without.

Cool circular nightstand in blue adds playful elegance to the room

Leading the dynamic duo of bedroom storage units on display today is Andy with is circular silhouette and charming little presence. These lovely units can be combined as modular units to shape nightstands that range from a simple single drawer unit to configurations with multiple drawers. Depending on the style of your bedroom, its size and the shelf space that you need, you can pick a 3- or 4-drawer Andy unit as well. Available in fun colors and both matte and glossy finishes, this cool unit also adds geometric contrast to minimal and contemporary bedrooms.

Add a pop of orange with the unique bedroom storage unit

Interesting use of contrasting nightstands with common finish in the bedroom

Stylish Andy bedside storage unit for the low slung bed

Taller Andy units can be used as standalone pieces for additional storage

Smart design of the nighstands helps you in shaping a clutter-free bedroom

Twin Stage units bring symmetry to the posh bedroom

While Andy is all about throwing in an unexpected curveball, Stage brings clean, minimal style and simple straight lines to the bedroom. Much like Andy, Stage can also be used as both a versatile bedside table and a standalone unit that offers additional storage. You can combine as many as 6 individual drawers to create the unmistakable ‘tallboy’ or use a single-drawer unit as a nightstand for your low-slung platform bed.

A perfect bedside unit to stash away all your favorite books

Elegant Stage in wood adds class and sophistication to the bedroom

Elegant use of Stage to shape a bedroom workspace

Simple and exquisite Stage unit in white

Stage units bring compositional freedom to the modern home

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