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20 Exquisite Bathrooms That Unleash the Beauty of Black

If you are a touch hesitant about picking black as the dominant color for the bathroom, you are definitely not alone. The idea of black being used as the hue that defines and sets the tone for bathroom ambiance is contrary to the popular image of clean, white spa-style bathrooms that grace catalog and magazine covers across the globe. In a way, we have been trained to appreciate bathrooms in lighter, less gaudy hues. Yet modern designers along with adventurous homeowners are quickly changing that trend.

Illuminated nooks for natural greenery in the dark bathroom! [Design: Stephen Fletcher Architects]

Using black to create a refined interior is both challenging and rewarding. When you get it right, black bathrooms can bring an air of unparalleled sophistication. The look works brilliantly well for both small and large bathrooms alike, and all you need is some creativity, the right shade of black and plenty of inspiration. The 20 dashing black bathrooms on display today sure do take care of the last part of that equation!

Styles and Shades

Much like in the case of any other color, there are plenty of diverse shades, hues and tones of black that you can pick from for the bathroom. While this sounds all too obvious, try it out on a section of the wall before you commit to the color permanently. The wrong shade of black can turn a room into a dull, dingy setting, and this is especially true in the case of bathrooms. Once you have picked the shade, it is time to work it into a style of your choice. Black works with almost any theme you pick, as the bathrooms below showcase. From Steampunk to contemporary and from vintage to Hollywood Regency, the choices are endless.

Steampunk bathroom with a dark backdrop and copper fixtures [Design: Andre Rothblatt Architecture]
Black and gray bring an aura of sophistication to the contemporary bathroom [Design: William Roy Designer Kitchens]
Luxurious master bathroom with a bathtub in zebra stripes! [Design: Nieto Design Group]

Creating a black backdrop in the bathroom is a lot easier than attempting the same in the bedroom or living room. Use the tiles to your advantage and usher in geometric and textural contrast without actually altering the color palette. A tiled background in black for the shower or above the vanity will create an instant focal point in the room.

Darker shades of gray give the bathroom a moody, elegant look [Design: Royal Home Improvements]
Monochrome bathroom combines the modern and the vintage [Design: Carine Harrington / Simon Eldon Photography]
Cool graffiti enlivens the kids’ bathroom in black [Design: Gary Hutton Design]
Give the black bathroom a fun new twist with wallpaper! [Design: Jauregui Architecture]
Shower tiles bring cool textural contrast to the gorgeous bathroom [Design: Emc2 Interiors]

All about Mirrors and Light!

As always, lighting is a key factor in shaping the overall appeal of a room where you have a dominant dark color. In the case of bathrooms in black, it becomes twice as essential to get it right. Apart from a smart blend of natural and artificial illumination, make sure that there is ample circulation of light. The mirror above the vanity does help in this regard, and by placing a large window or pendant on the opposite side, you will enhance the aura of the dark bathroom.

Ample natural light gives the dark bathroom a more airy vibe [Design: Leicht USA]
Plants give the contemporary bathroom a tropical flavor [Design: Daniel Ash Architects]

Black is also perfect for bathrooms that open up towards a private backyard or the view outside using large glass doors. And if you love additional opulence, bring in a sleek fireplace to create that stunning, fiery focal point that also acts as an additional light source. A sparkling modern chandelier and some carefully placed recessed lights complete the look.

Darker tones of gray complement black beautifully in the contemporary bath [Design: Chris Jovanelly Interior Design]
Chic and dramatic contemporary powder room in black [Design: Orange Coast Interior Design]
Stunning master bathroom with a sleek fireplace and brilliant lighting [Design: Lifespan Construction]

Pair It with White

If you are still a touch wary about using black in the bathroom, start with the classic black and white approach. Adding white is an easy way to visually bring balance to the dark bathroom. You can use it in a restrained fashion and let black take over and set the mood. While it can be tempting to flood the room with white, remember that the idea here is to use it as a harmonizing hue. Throw in a hint of gold to add glamour to the space, or turn to pops of red for some excitement. Both the colors work brilliantly with black.

Add a touch of gold to glam up the dark bathroom [Design: Bravehart Building]
An inspirational quote on the bathroom walls with tiles! [Design: Esther Hershcovich]
Dark ceiling gives the narrow bathroom a cozy, refined ambiance [Design: Philip Nimmo Design]
Contemporary bathroom balances dark and light elements elegantly [Design: Ceramiche Keope]
Fabulous modern minimalist bathroom in black [Design: OB Architecture / Martin Gardner Photography]
Add a black vanity and shower area to spice up your bathroom [Design: Smith Designs]

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