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Sleek Melbourne Home Captivates with a Creative Contemporary Façade

Building an unabashedly contemporary home in a neighborhood filled with classic Edwardian homes can be a challenging task indeed. But the creative folks from b. e. architecture took up this challenge and delivered a stunning private residence that combines sleek minimalism with a restrained color palette and textural contrast. The exterior of Cassell Street House in Melbourne uses natural and aged materials that include travertine blocks in various shades, giving it a unique and exceptional façade. This is combined with rusticated timber, concrete and steel to shape a house that blends complete privacy with lovely outdoor living spaces.

Contemporary minimalist exterior of the Cassell Street House in Melbourne

One of the important factors that defined the overall look of the house was its placement on a corner block. This meant that the top floor needed to be completely hidden from the street to ensure adequate privacy, while the rear opens up towards the sheltered backyard. The interior of the home embraces a similar color palette dominated by white and several shades of gray, even as gorgeous wooden surfaces usher in the necessary warmth. The ground floor contains the living areas divided into two zones, with one facing the pool and the outdoor dining space while the other is tucked away neatly towards the backyard and serves as a ‘winter hub’.

Gray brings sleek elegance to the street facade that offers ample privacy

Elegant open plan living area of the Melbourne home with minimalist style

Interior of the contemporary home opening up towards from the private backyard

Lovely use of sheer curtains allows natural light to seep through in summer months

Reflective surfaces and wooden counters add textural contrast to the sleek kitchen

Beautiful blend of stone, wood and metal in the modern kitchen

A striking staircase connects the various levels of the house while offering geometric contrast in a space that is dominated by clean, straight lines. The curving staircase also acts as a divider between the master suite and the kids’ wing on the top floor. Understated, classy and contemporary to its core, this fabulous Aussie home is indeed the perfect urban refuge!

Curving staircase stands in contrast with simple, rectilinear form of the house

Staricase helps divide the variors zones of the house

Smart reading nook connected visually with the backyard

Minimalist bathroom with elegant use of gray

Interior of the home mimics the architectural beauty of the facade

Sherry Nothingam
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