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Timeless Edwardian Home Charms With A Smart Contemporary Makeover

In the last few years we have seen some gorgeous Edwardian homes across Australia get stylish additions and extensions that combined the residences’ old world charm with contemporary comfort. Following this smart and sustainable path is the lovely Elwood House in Victoria that was renovated and revamped by Robert Nichol & Sons. The interior of the existing structure had very poor ventilation, and the homeowners wanted the dark and dreary space to be transformed into a cheerful hub of activity that had seamless connectivity with the outdoors. This was achieved with the addition of a modern extension in the rear along with the revitalization of the existing home.

Renovated Elwood House by Robert Nichol & Sons Down Under

The new living area, dining space and kitchen are housed in an open floor plan on the lower level and open up towards the beautiful deck outside. Large sliding glass doors ensure that the transition is seamless, while the modern extension in the rear holds additional living spaces, as well as three bedrooms that are visually connected with the backyard. The transition between the old and the new structures is indeed effortless, as one room flows into the next. An additional top level contains the new master bedroom and bath, along with a walk-in closet and a private deck area.

Sleek and elegant living area and kitchen

Wooden deck outdoors is seamlessly connected with the interior

Stylish contemporary extension to the classic Edwardian home

Plush couch in gray with midcentury charm

Stylish coffee table enlivens the cool sitting area

The existing street façade of the classic house is largely left untouched, and the elevation of the rear extension does not disturb its overall form. The smart use of glass, brick and wood on the outside along with simple neutral hues for the interior gives the Elwood House its distinct appeal. Decor with a midcentury modern vibe and smart lighting complete the picturesque home.

Modern and minimal bath space of the renovated home

Standalone next to the window with a view of the outdoors

Beautiful design of the modern extension with framed views

Lovely window nook adds a touch of class to the extension

Classic Edwardian Home in Victoria before renovation

Floor plan of the Elwood House before renovation

Smart renovation of a classic Aussie home - Floor plan

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