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25 Space-Saving Multipurpose Laundry Rooms!

In the modern world, multitasking is an essentiality that most of us simply cannot do without. Many of us multitask without even realizing that we are doing so, and it does end up saving a few precious minutes each day. So, why shouldn’t your laundry room multitask? If you think about it, the amount of time we spend doing laundry would be much more productive if we coupled it with some other activity. In fact, I know of a friend who uses her laundry time to call friends and family so that she does not have to listen to them complain about not being in touch!

Beautiful modern, multipurpose laundry [Design: VanBrouck & Associates]

Of course, we are talking today not about putting time to use, but ‘space’. A carefully designed multipurpose laundry room can double as a home office, a playroom for kids, a shower zone for your pet, a crafts room and a whole lot more. The 25 creative ideas showcased today will lead the way and hopefully inspire you to turn your laundry room into a more productive hub as well.

Quiet Home Workspace

Much like placing calls from the laundry room, turning the area into a home workspace can help you complete several different tasks at the same time. In case your laundry is in the basement or the garage, this will also give you a quiet space that will allow you to concentrate on work even more effectively. This is a perfect solution for those who might want a dedicated home office, but do not have enough room for it elsewhere. All you need here is a small desk, a comfy chair, some cabinets to store your office supplies and files, and of course, some connectivity. In this day and age, getting the right web connectivity in the laundry room is barely a challenge!

Beach style laundry and home workstation [Design: Francesca Owings Interior Design]
Laundry room that also serves as a lovely crafts room and home office [Design: Dream House Studios]
Home office and laundry idea [Design: Abbey Construction Company]

Lighting plays a big role in shaping the overall appeal and the practicality of such multipurpose spaces. Make sure that there is a wonderful blend of ambient and focused lighting along with natural light. A dull home workspace can be counterproductive, and it will also bring down the aesthetics of your laundry room.

Elegant multipurpose laundry with modern style [Design: UB Kitchens – San Antonio]
Cushioned benches and home office along with the laundry [Design: Case Design/Remodeling]
Turn the laundry room entry into a workstation [Design: Realty Restoration]
Ergonomic farmhouse style laundry with a cool workspace [Design: Helman Sechrist Architecture]

Crafts and More

Since most of our readers are design aficionados (pretty obvious, I guess), it makes sense to turn that extra room into a place for crafts and DIY projects. Let’s face it; all of us get tempted at some time or another to indulge in a fun DIY project. Give yourself a great, organized space right next to the laundry that also serves as a crafts area. You can use this surface as a wrapping station in the days ahead as you frantically sort through gifts and get to wrapping.

Fabulous multi-purpose laundry can be used as crafts zone [Design: Bruning Homes]
Gift wrapping station along with the laundry seems like a perfect idea for the holidays [Design: Morning Star Builders]
A snazzy blend of sewing room and laundry in a small space [Design: Drury Design]

You do not need an excessively large laundry room to turn it into a crafty hub. At times, a small island and some deft shelves are all it takes to transform the laundry room into a more fun and creative space. Once again, this will help you in saving plenty of time, and you can even transform this space into a full-fledged home office or studio at some point down the line.

Combine your crafty needs with the laundry room [Design: Normandy Remodeling]
Cool crafts zone along with the laundry [Design: Refined]
Use the additional space to create a multi-dimensional space [Design: Brickmoon Design]
Farmhouse style potting and laundry room [Design: Crisp Architects]

A Space That Multitasks!

The laundry room is designed to multitask, and it has done so for a long, long time now. Many of us already use it as a back entry, mud room and shower zone for the pet. Some homeowners have taken this to a whole new level by turning it into a haven for their pawed friend! If the mud room idea does not fancy you, bring an additional refrigerator into the laundry room and add some cleverly concealed cabinets to turn it into a pantry.

Contemporary master closet along with the laundry is a match made in heaven! [From: Electrolux US]
Pull-out ironing board in the laundry seems like a natural choice [From: transFORM]
Sleek laundry and bathroom combination makes perfect use of space [Design: Lee Kimball]
Laundry room and back entry combinations are both popular and practical [Design: Great Kitchens & Baths]

From a combination of master closets and the laundry to ones that are separated from the toilets using sliding glass doors, the possibilities are simply endless. So, if you looking for some extra space to put to use this holiday season, maybe the laundry room is the place to turn to…

Dog shower in the laundry room [Design: Keystone Millworks]
Give your best buddy an amazing hangout! [Design: Artistic Renovations of Ohio]
Beautiful combination of pantry and laundry saves up space! [Design: Whitten Architects]
Traditional laundry with a refrigerator [Design: Home Innovations]
Combine your dressing room with the laundry in grand style [Design: Walker Woodworking]
Laundry and mudroom combinations are easy to pull off [Design: College City Design Build]

Sherry Nothingam

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