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Modern Private Residence in Taiwan Overlooking a National Park

Waking up each morning to the sight of a lush green canopy and the early morning frenzy of birds just outside the window is indeed a great way to start the day. The Unbound private residence nestled in the gorgeous Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan promises all this and a whole lot more as it brings the outdoors inside. Designed by J.C. Architecture, this elegant forest house combines the tranquility of nature with the comfort of a contemporary lifestyle to deliver a serene and secluded retreat. The architects turned to the view outside for inspiration, as large glass doors and an open floor plan transform the national park into the backdrop for the living room.

Glass partitions inside the Unbound house in Taiwan

Stackable glass doors help in separating the various zones within the home while allowing natural light to flow through. The contemporary kitchen is the showstopper of the house with its stunning island and sleek, ergonomic design. The decor is kept modern and neutral with bold colors barely making their presence felt. Black and white hues are used cleverly to create fun spaces as one room flows into the next. Sculptural furnishings and natural wooden surfaces bring in geometric and textural contrast as the private balcony and outdoor bar extend the living space beyond the walls.

Stylish contemporary decor in the living room

Stackable glass doors help demarcate areas

Wishbone chairs at the contemporary kitchen sialnd and breakfast bar

Fabulous kitchen sialnd steals the show in the trendy home

Private balcony overlooking the national park canopy

Smart kitchen sialnd design with a modern flair

Wooden panels give the interior a cozy ambiance

The small bedroom embraces the calming look of the living area, and simple sheer curtains in white accentuate this appeal. With a lavish shower and steam area and a multipurpose guest room, the home puts functionality firmly ahead of all else. Showcasing a style of its own, this chic forest retreat offers a refreshing change of pace!

Small bedroom with a serene ambiance

White sheer curtains bring textural contrast to the bedroom

Extensive use of soft wood tones in the contemporary bath

Glass shower and steam area in small space

Elegant bathroom design with an Asian style

Guest room that can also be used as home office

Floor plan of the beautiful apartment in Taiwan

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