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Trendy Decor From Philippe Starck Steals The Show With Playful Spunk

The name Philippe Starck is something that even the most casual design aficionado is familiar with. We stumble across many of his creations on a daily basis as we look at design inspiration from across the globe and constantly marvel at the brilliance of this tireless French master! Having already showcased some of his more famous creations like the trendy Masters chair, the chic Mademoiselle Chair and the Louis Ghost Chair, today we look at some of the colorful and playful furnishings crafted by Starck.

Philippe Starck’s Bubble Club Sofa creates a trendy outdoor lounge [Design: two girls + a hammer]

Constantly innovating and unleashing one amazing creation after another, Starck offers unparalleled design. For example, the trio on display today is undeniably comprised of modern icons that promise to stand the test of time. Adding vibrant elegance to your home along with a dash of color, these lovely Philippe Starck creations tell you that design and decorating is not all ‘serious business’ and there is ample room for loads of fun!

A Modern Icon in the Making

If you are a fan of Boston Legal, then the Bubble Club Chair from Philippe Starck needs little introduction. The ending of each episode with both Denny and Alan conversing about life and the world as they look out at the Boston skyline from the balcony with cigar and drinks in hand has become an iconic image of “bromance” in the television world! The comfy, yet stylish chairs that they dig into during these musings is the Bubble Club Chair, and its unique polyethylene silhouette is indeed unmistakable. Not only does the Bubble Club Armchair have a playful look, it’s also super-comfy and is an ideal choice for those looking to decorate their patio or poolside deck with contemporary elegance.

Stylish sofa extends the living space outdoors [Design: Anthony Wilder Design/Build]
Bubble Club Sofa and Chair add contemporary style to the deck [From: MW Johnson Photography]
Simple and stylish poolside retreat with the Bubble Club Chair [Design: Robert Kaner Interior Design]

The super-sleek image of the Bubble Club Chair and Sofa ensures that it gives even an eclectic or traditional outdoor space an instant modern look. Sturdy and innovative, it combines the traditional rolled-arm look with contemporary material and finish to give any space it adorns a refreshing, cheerful appeal. Available in a variety of colors, white seems to be the most popular choice among homeowners.

Bubble Club Armchair creates a fun, playful nook [Photography: Heather Merenda]
Polyethylene Bubble Club Chairs are an ideal choice as outdoor decor [Design: GMK Architecture]
Switch between accent cushions to alter the appeal of the patio [Design: RDM Architecture]
Cool Bubble Club Sofa adds playful elegance to the modern deck [Design: Clockwork Architects]

Vibrant and Timeless EroS

With midcentury modern style holding sway currently, homeowners are looking for smart and affordable options that allow them to embrace this style with ease. Designed by Starck in 1998 for Kartell, the EroS Chair blends creativity and color with timeless midcentury flair. The shell of the EroS is mounted on top of a variety of bases that range from those that swivel to an Eiffel base version seemingly inspired by the Eames Shell Chair. Much like other Starck creations, there is undeniable child-like exuberance that comes along with the EroS, and its many colorful versions allow you to add pops of color to a contemporary interior with ease.

Eros Chair brings pops of blue to the stunning mountain cabin [Design: Connect Homes]
Fabulous dining room with Eros Chairs that blend into the backdrop [Design: Utopia Projects]
Stylish Eros chair is available in a wide range of dashing colors [Design: DKOR Interiors]

The best everyday example of relativity, the finest symptom of human intelligence, is humor. Design without humor is not human. The word ‘beautiful’ does not mean anything. Only coherence counts. An object, design or not, is primarily an object that meets the parameters of human intelligence, which reconciles opposites. The complete lack of humor is vulgarity.

Transparent shell of the EroS Chair lends visual airiness to the small bedroom [Design: 2NYAD]
Visually unobtrusive EroS Chairs shape the snazzy breakfast nook [By Studio+One: Design]
EroS Swivel chair neatly tucks into the corner of the kids’ bedroom [Design: Rusk Renovations]
Midcentury living room with Eros Chair and the Noguchi Coffee table [Design: Kay Loves Vintage]
Eclectic living room with EroS Chair at the workstation [Photography: Heather Merenda]
EroS chair with an opaque shell combined with the gorgeous Louis Ghost Chair [Photography: Scott Hargis]
Soho style NYC home with iconic decor [Design: Morris & Woodhouse Interiors]

Your Friendly Neighborhood Gnome!

You would not find many leading designers across the globe turn a fun-loving garden gnome into a cool stool that brings the excitement indoors! But then Philippe Starck is no ordinary designer and has always had a cheeky flair to his design style, and the cheerful collection of gnomes designed for Kartell epitomizes this approach. Dubbed as Attila and Napoleon, these table stools complete your living room, bedroom or outdoor patio with charismatic and unexpected panache, and you can even bring home the limited edition versions in black and gold!

Lovely little Attila will hold up your drinks as you relax outdoors! [Design: Patrick J. Baglino, Jr.]
Colors of the wall art complement those of the gnome [Design: Johnson Berman]
Colorful and eclectic living room with gnome table
Gnomes add stylish playfulness to the hip family room! [Design: Grace Home Design]
Cute gnome side table holds its own in this industrial living room [Design: dSPACE Studio]

They’re vivacious, energetic and inimitable. Which of these Philippe Starck creations do you love best?

Sherry Nothingam

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