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Exquisite Milan Apartment Blends Elegant Living Areas With Ample Privacy

A major challenge that comes along with the use of an open floor plan in the living area is the stylish and functional demarcation of individual spaces. But the fabulous City Life Milan apartment located in the heart of the historic Fiera Milano district uses sophisticated lighting additions and area rugs to clearly delineate between the living area, the family room and the dining area. The spacious apartment embraces a cool, contemporary color scheme with relaxed, neutral colors shaping an inviting, trendy hub. A small entertainment hub in the living room and a smart wall unit that is transformed into the home library add color and charisma to the apartment.

Open plan living area with dining, kitchen and living spaces

Crafted by Studio Marco Piva, the apartment consists of two main bedrooms, a third bedroom for the maid and a home studio that can easily double as a beautiful guest room. Twin terraces on both sides of the living area are connected to the indoors with the help of sliding glass doors and large white sheer curtains that add to the refreshing, airy appeal of the home. Lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall ambiance of the apartment with brilliant cascading chandeliers, lovely pendants and smart sconces bringing in that unmistakable Italian flair!

Sliding glass doors and white drapes bring elegance and natural ventilation to the room

Smart shelves and colorful books become an integral part of the stylish interior

Stylish lighting steals the show in this trendy Milan Apartment

Wooden coffee table adds textural contrast to the posh interior

Beautiful use of flowers and potted plants to enliven the corridor

Cascading chadelier adds drama to the contemporary living area

Lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping the trendy living space of the apartment

Oversized pendant light in black becomes the focal point of this sleek, white kitchen

A stunning state-of-the-art kitchen in pristine white with blast chillers, a steam oven, a wine cellar, a freezer and durable countertops complements the lavish living space perfectly. While the single and guest bedrooms seem limited in space, they exude a serene, cozy vibe thanks to the use of plush decor and luxurious textures. A snazzy master bedroom with walk-in closets and a spa-like bathroom complete this bright and impressive Milan home.

Wall sconce that act as bedside lighting save up on space in the bedroom

Sleek Italian decor and elegant lighting in the bedroom

Small bedroom seems a lot more airy when connected with the balcony

Lovely patio of cool modern apartment in City Life Milan

Outdoor dining area lets you wine and dine while enjoying the view outside

Smart chairs in the balcony create a cozy conversation nook

Floating vanity, bathtub and glass shower in the small bathroom

Compact glass shower area in the modern bath

Modern bath of the Milan apartment saves up on space with ease

Minimal and space-conscious laundry room in white

Floor plan of the City Life Milan apartment

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