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Innovative Wall-Mounted Units Bring Design Freedom Draped In Sleek Modularity

Modern modular storage and display units bring along with them an unending array of design possibilities and let you shape your interior in a unique, creative fashion. Epitomizing this trend is the fabulous 36e8 from Lago, a square measuring 36.8 cm per each side and forming the basis of all their modular compositions. This small square comes in a variety of styles, colors and finishes and gives you the flexibility of creating a wall storage system in pretty much any room of the house without committing to major renovations or makeovers.

36e8 modular storage units make up the living room entertainment hub

Compositional freedom is the crux of the design principle that defines the 36e8 units, and each homeowner can use these wonderful modules to shape the wall-mounted storage systems, bathroom vanities and even kitchen islands of their choice. The options are indeed endless, and Lago also offers the 36e8 modules in a Wildwood finish, ushering in visual and textural contrast with ease. The first 36e8 was created by the Italian decor giant over 10 years ago and it has since served as the staple building block for most of their designs and innovative creations.

Add a pinch of accent color to the living room with trendy modular storage units

Colorful rugs complement the modular wall storage units with panache

Creative way of using modular wall units along with a bookshelf

Give your living room a touch of Italian flair with 36e8

Open and closed storage units give the room a look of weightlessness

Style your living room and home office using stunning modular design units from Lago

Use multiple units of 36e8 to shape a truly unique and multi-functional living space

Versatile compositions using the 36e8 bring style and innovation to the room

Exclusive modular units bring in sleek elegance into the spa-like bath

Sleek modular units help shape floating bathroom vanity

Constantly evolving, this is the perfect building block for a home that caters to the needs of a growing family. From providing much needed additional space to giving the room a sense of visual airiness and freshness, these smart modules are all about multi-tasking and adaptability. So whether you wish to add an enchanting twist to the small home office or give your bedroom a smart, floating nightstand, you now have a quick and easy way to get it all done with ease!

Fabulous modular storage units offer design flexibility in the bath

36e8 brings sleek elegance to the bath without any major renovations

Use modular units to uhser in a bit of color in the bathroom along with storage


A wonderful way to tuck away the washing machine in the laundry room

36e8 Wildwood collection in the dining offers textural contrast

Shape your kitchen island and innovative storage units using 36e8

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