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How To Style A Garden Window

When my hubby and I bought our house last year, we were thrilled that it came with a garden window, also known as a greenhouse window. This protruding glass structure with a sloping roof adds light to our interior, and it’s the perfect place to tuck plants and other decorative items. Many homes built in the ’80s feature these windows–do you have visions of them filled with figurines and stained glass ornaments?! Let’s bring these wonders of the past into the present, shall we? After all, many new homes feature them as well. Today I’m on the hunt for modern garden window displays. Get ready for some new strategies for combining retro design with contemporary style!

Exterior view of a greenhouse window

It’s All About the Plants

The first thing I learned when researching modern garden window style: there aren’t a lot of people making modern decor choices for these windows and posting them online! But I was determined to find some interesting ideas, so I remained persistent in my hunt for fabulous images. By far the most popular item to place in a garden window is plants! [from Batim Studio]

Contemporary kitchen with a greenhouse window

One way to get a modern look: create a purposeful arrangement of plants. In other words, don’t clutter the window with random greenery. Put some thought into an arrangement that is bountiful yet anything but crowded.

Modern greenhouse window

When it comes to garden windows, some design enthusiasts prefer to let one plant take center stage. The orchids below are colorful and modern, don’t you think?! [from Cugini Cabinets via Houzz]

Orchids in a garden window

Similarly, the collection of tropical blooms in the next featured image creates a bold, unexpected touch. [from Bill Fry Construction]

Tropical blooms in a greenhouse window

While the kitchen below isn’t a contemporary one, the use of terracotta pots helps unify this grouping. Displaying your plants in pots of a similar style creates a fresh, modern look. [from Sunshine Contracting Corporation]

Grouping of plants in a greenhouse window

Don’t hesitate to make it interesting… For example, cloches create a laboratory feel, adding a scientific element to your window display! [from Dave Lane Construction]

Interesting plant grouping in a picture window

When the view is spectacular, you don’t want to cover it up with a slew of plants. To draw attention to the greenery outside, place plants at the sides of your garden window shelving rather than in the middle.

Garden window with a view

I have to admit–the image below may very well be from the ’80s, but it’s definitely one of my favorites in today’s post. I love how the plants are lined up in neat rows. Plus, you’ve gotta love that curved garden window–so retro yet chic! [from Remodeling Solutions by Elings via Houzz]

Kitchen with a greenhouse window

Mixing It Up

Let’s now shine the spotlight on garden windows filled with a variety of decor statements, from kitchen supplies to plants. Yes, plants make a return in this section of the post. Why would you want to miss an opportunity to harness the natural light and grow beautiful greenery?! When deciding how much to display in your window, consider the amount of decor on your kitchen counters. If the countertops are pretty sparse, go to town on the shelving. If they’re cluttered, consider making a more minimalist statement in your garden window. [from Infusion Home Design]

Greenhouse window styling ideas

Let your garden window decor reflect the personality of your kitchen. For example, the kitchen below is crisp and bright. Note the refreshing statement made by the plants in this greenhouse window. [from ROM Architecture Studio]

Crisp fresh greenhouse window

You can also use your greenhouse window to add color to your kitchen, as shown in the image below. [from Ashford Associates via Houzz]

Garden window with colorful touches

Remember, less is often more. Don’t feel the need to fill every square inch of garden window shelving. A few cookbooks, an interesting vase and a touch of greenery will do the trick! [from Sam Fleet Photography via Potter Construction]

Garden window with cookbooks, vases and greenery

If you really want to create a sense of spaciousness, let the design of the window speak for itself. Create a dramatic, airy feel by placing no more than a few small items on the ledge. [from Dyna Contracting]

Garden window with minimal clutter

Below we see another example of a minimalist approach to garden window decor. A couple of candles and some cut greenery, and this window is perfectly styled! [from Cameo Kitchens, Inc.]

Greenhouse window with minimal decor

But if your garden window features multiple shelves and you can’t stand the thought of leaving them empty, have no fear. Think of your garden window as an opportunity to create a beautifully curated collection of plants and decor. [from A Tiger in Your Engine]

Modern greenhouse window styling

And now for a close-up… This garden window is another one of my favorites–it makes me want to take a second look. And a third. Gorgeous plants, interesting arrangements. Modern design at its finest!

Collection of plants in a modern greenhouse window

The vast majority of garden windows are found in the kitchen, but the powder room is another popular location for these light-filled features. Do you have a garden window? Are you ready to get styling?!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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