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Dynamic Modern Kitchen Balances Modularity With Chic Formal Elegance

Modern modular kitchens offer an array of features that can be customized to suit the specific needs of your home and do so without compromising on aesthetics or efficiency. Becoming a natural extension of your living and dining space in an open floor plan, the stylish EL_01 from Elmar offers creative and custom-crafted solutions for all your kitchen design conundrums. Created with an international style and a hint of minimalism by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, this trendy kitchen comes with extendable dining tables and serving areas that vanish back into the kitchen island crafted exclusively by Elmar.

Extendable dining table that can be tucked away into the kitchen island

While most kitchens tend to involve a multitude of textures and colors to induce contrast, EL_01 uses surfaces in varying thicknesses to offer subtle yet stunning visual diversity. Large hoods, lovely worktops crafted using materials that range from stainless steel to sublime marble, innovative kitchen islands that double as serving stations, and cabinets with a range of wood finishes help shape the multitude of compositions that this series offers. The disappearing Easy table from Elmar adds to the space-saving credentials of EL_01, while an ergonomic blend of open shelves and closed cabinets offers ample storage and display space.

Varying thickness of different materials shapes the EL_01 Kitchen

Sculptural bar stools add lovely visual contrast to the kitchen in dark wood tones

Stylish kitchen becomes a natural extension of the contemporary living area

Brilliant pops of red enliven the classy, contemporary kitchen from Elmar

Sparkling stainless steel conutertop and light gray cabinets give the kitchen a refined appeal

Exquisite and versatile contemporary Italian kitchen from Elmar

Let you accent additions shine through in the kitchen

Extended wooden serving station adds some much needed warmth to the kitchen

Bringing to your doorstep incredible versatility and an ability to adapt to any floor plan, this urbane kitchen is perfect for those looking to turn their kitchen into an inviting family-friendly hub that is both well-organized and hip. Just add the right kitchen bar stools and pendant lights, and you have a truly comfortable kitchen with a dash of Italian flair that seems like an extension of your living area!

Exclusive kitchen island combines aesthetics with smart functionality

Innovative kitchen island with a cooking area that prevents spills and backsplash on to the countertop

Exclusive kitchen island combines aesthetics with smart functionality

Lovely stainless steel kitchen peninisula that is connected with the ergonomic workstation

Dramatic pendant light and smart wooden surfaces add intrigue to the glossy kitchen

Versatile compositions of the EL01 kitchen from Elmar

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