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How To Display Air Plants In Hanging Containers

We at Decoist are in love with air plants. We love that they’re low maintenance. We love learning more about helping them thrive. We love discovering new ways to display them. On that note, today we take a look at how to display air plants in hanging containers. Here’s a hint: you simply place the air plant in the container or hanging planter! That’s right, folks–since these plants don’t require soil, you have oodles of flexibility when it comes to finding them an elevated place to perch. And that’s design gold! Read on for more detailed tips and inspiration, thanks to ten gorgeous images from our favorite Etsy shops…

Hanging Pods

Since you can put an air plant in pretty much anything, a slew of options awaits you when it comes to finding the perfect planter. The key: discovering the planter that best fits your style. One of today’s most popular selections is the hanging pod. Pods come in an array of colors, but we’re loving this Small Hanging Planter for Air Plant with Tillandsia Abdita from CorPottery. Hand-pinched from a ball of clay and left unglazed, this item is wonderfully earthy and perfectly absorbent so your plant won’t rot after soakings!

Pinched air plant pod from Etsy shop CorPottery

Many pods are painted with interesting designs, then suspended with cords in eye-catching colors. We can’t imagine a more festive combination of color and pattern than this Neon Macrame Hanging Air Plant Hanging Planter with Pod from ThriftedandMade. It’s hand-painted and comes with a real Tillandsia or a faux air plant–your choice!

Neon macrame air plant hanging planter from Etsy shop ThriftedandMade

Why settle on one pod when you can have three?! This Trio of Hanging Air Plant Pods from Mudpuppy is covered in an eye-catching pink glaze and comes with an abundance of natural hemp cord for hanging purposes. Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, this terrific trio makes a modern pastel statement.

Trio of hanging air plant pods

Metal Himmeli Planters

Geo planters are all the rage, and the Himmeli take on the air plant holder has definitely put its faceted stamp on the world of planters. What’s Himmeli? Himmeli are traditional Finnish ornaments. Typically made from straw and used to decorate a Christmas tree, the modern variety are often crafted from metal and used to hold air plants. For example, this Himmeli Hanging Brass Air Planter with Cup from Handmade Sam*made is made from brass, wire and leather, and it’s geo-fabulous!

Himelli hanging air plant holder with cup from Etsy shop Handmade Sam*made

A unique shape is one of the many things to love about the Himmeli Diamond Air Planter from Spazz Happy Line Design. You can specify your material of choice, and aluminum, copper and brass are all options. Interesting factoid brought to light by this shop: copper may be poisonous to certain Tillandsia, so if your planter will hold an air plant, perhaps you should opt for another metal. Thanks for helping educate us on air plant health, Spazz Happy Line Design!

Himmeli diamond air planter

The next featured image is the only one in today’s post NOT from Etsy. But we just had to include it, especially since it illustrates the modern appeal of geo planters. Not to mention, since these planters are open to the air, the greenery they hold is easily able to dry out after soakings. For more on caring for air plants and allowing proper drying time, check out our post on air plant care tips. [from Very Shannon]

Himmeli air plant holder

Planters with Chains

On your search for the perfect air plant holder, have you come across any planters with chains? We’re crazy about them! This hanging metal planter bowl from INSEKDESIGN has such a vintage look. Handcrafted from copper or brass using century-old metal-spinning techniques, the bowls from this shop are spun from flat sheets of thin copper, then suspended from sturdy chains!

Hanging metal air plant bowl planter from Etsy shop INSEKDESIGN

This Mini Two-Tiered Blue Beveled Stained Glass Hanging Planter from SNLCreations boasts two hanging tiers and an abundance of faceted blue beveled stained glass. Not only will it hold your air plant in style, it will serve as a suncatcher, adding a little bit of sparkle and shine to your interior (or outdoor space).

Stained glass hanging air plant holder from Etsy shop SNLCreations

Unique Planters for Air Plants

We end with two hanging air plant options that are truly unforgettable. Like a modern pendant light that steals the show, this Air Nest Air Plant Holder from biggerthanlittle is made from yarn treated with a nontoxic hardener. Durable and waterproof, it’s a bundle of creativity and color!

Air Nest air plant holder from Etsy shop biggerthanlittle

And when you want your air plant to take center stage, why put it in a planter? Let it enjoy the limelight without obstruction! This Large Hanging Air Plant from Peacocktaco is actually an air plant ball of sorts. It will continue to grow tiny babies, increasing in size and adding color to your space while it flowers in the process!

Large hanging air plant from Etsy shop peacocktaco

When displaying air plants in hanging planters, make sure that you choose a spot in your home where your air plant will get adequate light. Whether you’re keeping your air plant indoors or outside, remember that indirect light is often best. For more specifics on ideal growing conditions for air plants, including lighting and temperature recommendations, check out our previous post on air plant care tips.

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