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Kitchen Island On Casters: Mobile Wonders Roll Together Form And Function

The modern kitchen is all about aesthetics, ergonomics and inviting warmth rolled into a sleek and stylish package. Yet there are many kitchen additions that still seem to be stuck in the past, and tradition often supersedes creative solutions that can make your life a lot easier. The mobile kitchen island is one such addition that should be a lot more popular than it already is. Combining efficiency with elegant design, the kitchen island on wheels is a snazzy addition that promises to serve you in more ways than one.

Perfect kitchen design for the urban bachelor pad!

by i3 design group

The kitchen island on casters is an idea that has originated from the commercial kitchen, and with cool contemporary kitchen carts offering to double as chic and well-organized kitchen islands, there are plenty of available options for every homeowner. Fitting in with any design style, color scheme and design template that you have going in your kitchen, the island on wheels is all about revitalizing your kitchen with some youthful zest!

Two custom-built moveable islands in the kitchen blend the vintage with the modern

by Arciform

Midcentury kitchen with a cool kitchen island on wheels

Combine the rolling island with the traditional kitchen island in an elegant manner

by Dalia Kitchen Design

Contemporary mobile kitchen island in all-white

Watch as this classic French home gets a modern makeover!

Exquisite kitchen island on casters in beautiful blue and white with ample storage

by Banks Design Associates, LTD & Simply Home

Trendy kitchen with a rolling island that serves beyond the obvious

by Josh Partee – Architectural Photographer

Contemporary kitchen that uses the kitchen cart as an ergonomic island

by Nathan Cuttle Design

Vintage and retro design elements enliven this small kitchen with a rolling island

Small and Efficient

When it comes to a kitchen island on casters, the idea is to let form follow function, and this holds especially true when you are picking a mobile island for a compact kitchen. The overall floor plan of your kitchen should determine the size of the mobile island, its shape and the features it should bring home. If you have a long, narrow kitchen with very little space between the walls, a rectangular shaped island with an uncluttered look is the ideal choice. Small, square kitchens can either opt for the square mobile island with plenty of storage or even the circular kitchen cart that features a sturdy worktop.

A perfect rolling island for the small space-conscious kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen with sloped roof, ladder and kitchen island on wheels

Mobile kitchen island inside loft-Style Apartment In Vancouver

Explore this Vancouver Home

Choosing a kitchen island on wheels is much like designing a normal kitchen island in terms of style, size and proportions. In the case of the mobile versions, though, you also need to think about whether you want your kitchen island to double as a cool serving cart when not in use. If that’s the case, then think of carts that have a light build and very few additional closed shelves.

Rolling kitchen island adds visual excitement to the narrow kitchen layout

by Teri Fotheringham Photography

Simple kitchen island on wheels also serves as a cool dining nook

Sleek kitchen island on wheels occupies the slot between the counter and the bookshelf

by Leone Design Studio

Bohemian kitchen wiith a tiny island on wheels serving as dining area

by Lisa Wolfe Design

A smart mobile addition for the efficient modern kitchen

by Whipple – Callender Architects

Crisp Contemporary Designs

A kitchen island with locking swivel Casters need not be just a simple kitchen cart that serves several different purposes. Contemporary designers are coming up with some amazing full-fledged kitchen islands that are as elaborate and complex as the ones without wheels and yet offer you loads of flexibility when it comes to movement. The countertop of your mobile kitchen island is another important feature that defines its look and overall appeal. Choosing a material that is similar in shade to the adjacent dining table or the kitchen shelves help in giving the modern kitchen a coherent and pleasant vibe.

Amazing Dutch Home that is all about mobility!

Take a look at this fabulous Dutch Renovation

Beautiful kitchen island on casters with a Caesarstone worktop

by ZeroEnergy Design

Modern kitchen in Miami with a view to savor

by The Tamarind Group

Lighting is obviously a key factor in shaping your kitchen, so make sure that you have the right blend of focused and ambient illumination for your mobile kitchen island. Those planning to use the island on wheels as both a prepping zone and a dining area need to take into account the varying lighting needs for each task. Using lights with the dimmer option and smart pendants can get this accomplished without much fuss!

Giving the industrial idea of kitchen islands on wheels a beautiful, modern makeover

Incorporate ample storage options within the movable kitchen island

by Petrick Architecture

Stylish kitchen island on wheels adds to the chic elegance of this Seattle kitchen

by Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

Smart kitchen island on wheels turns the kitchen into a cozy family hub

by Siemasko + Verbridge

Long cart in the industrial kitchen doubles as the perfect kitchen island

by Incorporated

A Creative Blend of Styles

While the posh kitchen island on wheels is a fashionable option, these crafty additions on wheels look even more splendid in kitchens that embrace the rustic, industrial and farmhouse styles. Since most rolling kitchen islands owe their origin to an industrial backdrop, you will not be too hard-pressed to find one that fits your industrial-style kitchen. Just place a nice pot rack filled with stainless steel and copper utensils above it and you have the picture-perfect industrial kitchen. Whether your kitchen is vintage or Victorian, the island on wheels rolls in with both class and competence!

Exceptional industrial chic kitchen in neutral hues

Turn the flea market find into a snazzy kitchen island on wheels

by Kerr Construction

Fabulous kitchen blends the rustic with the modern

by Moo Architects & Building Designers

A mobile eat-at island also allows you to switch between the many views that your kitchen offers, and in a world where the scenery outside is defining most homes and their overall appeal, this is a factor that you simply cannot ignore. Playful at times and pragmatic on other occasions, the kitchen island on wheels offers something for everyone… So, are you ready to roll?

The pot rack drives home industrial appeal of this kitchen

Industrial kitchen with island on casters and aluminum bar stools

by Kimberley Bryan Photographers

Contemporary kitchen with a hint of cottage style

by artdecor

Give your traditional kitchen island a modern, mobile makeover

by Turan Designs

Simple color scheme, open shelves and the rolling kitchen island give the space an unassuming look

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