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Wall-Hung Sanitary Solutions For The Small, Space-Conscious Bathroom

If there are two spaces in the house that seem to constantly pose space conundrums, they are the kitchen and the bathroom. While you can simply never have enough storage in the former, the bathroom has to often make do with whatever space is left after the design of the bedroom, living space and the kitchen! Small bathrooms require smart, space-savings solutions that combine aesthetics with ergonomics in an elegant manner. Offering precisely this is the latest lineup of sanitaryware from Artceram–a collection that ensures your contemporary bathroom is both gorgeous and visually spacious.

Exquisite and latest sanitaryware, bidet and wc collection

Small bathrooms are becoming more and more common in modern homes that feature a third or even a fourth bathroom to ensure that the ‘early morning scuffle’ is avoided! Artceram offers a snazzy series of wall-hung wc and bidet additions that lend visual lightness to the toilet while taking up very little foot space. The wide collections combine sleek modern minimalism with the classic design style of the ’50s and some colorful patterns to give your bathroom a truly inimitable appeal. With smooth curves and sleek lines, the neo classical style of the sanitaryware is apparent, and all you need is a wall with a minimum depth of 12 cm to get them installed.

Sleek design of the wc and bidet is accentuated by the round curves

Modern wall-hung wc for the bathroom with limited space

Smart wall mounted bidet and wc for the small bathroom

Combine the retro with the minimal in your bathroom with trendy sanitaryware

Cow collection of sanitaryware inspired by neoclassical era

Crafted with great care and precision by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, the collection features Azuley, Jazz, Blend, Block, Cow and the flamboyant La Fontana! Decorating a small bathroom is indeed all about combing practicality and visually light sanitaryware. The trendy solutions from Artceram offer a perfect starting point toward getting this done.

The block collection from Artceram stays true to its name

Jazz collection of sanitaryware in black with trendy pattern

The Jazz collection of Sanitaryware in white

Wall-hung bidet and wc inspired by the classic design of the 50s

La Fontana wc and bidet collection for those who are really short on space!

Minimal wall mounted wc that  takes up minimum possible space

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