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Gorgeous Kitchen Blends Sleek Minimalism With A Chic Eco-Friendly Design

If there is one thing that Italians are renowned for across the globe, it is their immaculate ability to craft amazing decor and kitchens. We found that out first hand at the Milan Design week 2014, with hundreds of Italian brands dazzling the world with their innovative creations. Eurocucina was no different, with some remarkable kitchens making their debut at the show. The Arts & Crafts Series from Pedini was indeed one of the best of the lot, and today we have another kitchen from these Italian masters that exudes a similar urban chic vibe while wrapping each vignette in sustainable modern minimalism!

Eko Eco-friendly kitchen from Pedini

EKO is an eco-friendly, modern kitchen from Pedini that brings together brilliant aesthetics with functionality and a hint of green goodness. Responding to the growing demand of a ‘green kitchen’ from homeowners across the world, EKO uses a variety of sustainable materials to ensure that it impacts the environment in the least possible fashion. The elegant use of wood, coupled with quartz and Corian countertops gives it an inimitable style of its own. Its trendy, minimal design not only helps save up on space, but also cuts back on the unnecessary frills and reduces wastage of raw materials.

Simple lines and minimalist design of the eco-friendly Italian kitchen

Sustainable modern kitchen that takes inspiration from nature

Wooden kitchen island with white countertops makes an interesting visual

Beautiful Eko kitchen with customizable options and smart shelves

Wall mounted kitchen workstation improves the aesthetics of your home

Wall shelves and cabinets double as gorgeous displays

Sleek form of Eko allows it to fit in even narrow spaces

Lovely Nesso lamp in the Eko kitchen stands out even from a distance

Sleek and minimal kitchen blends in with the style of the contemporay home

Stylish kitchen is available in both trendy corain and quartz worktops

A closer look at the smart shelves and the cool table lamp

Available in a variety of compositions, finishes and colors, EKO can be custom-crafted to suit the floor plan of your house to perfection. Designed to become a natural extension of the living and the dining spaces in an open floor plan, the stylish kitchen can squeeze into even small and narrow spaces to ensure that you always get the kitchen of your dreams. With cabinets that can be tucked away easily, space-saving serving and dining areas and exquisite shelves that double as posh display units, EKO is the perfect blend of style and substance!

A touch of Audrey Hepburn for the glamorous modern kitchen!

Cool kitchen compositions also includes smart dining nooks

Lovely wallpaper in backdrop adds to the aura of the kitchen

Small and smart dining table that dissapears when not needed

Smart kitchen shelves make ample use of the vertical space

Beautiful eco-friendly kitchen with Italian design

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