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Three Stylish Decor Ideas For A Baby-Proof Interior

Baby-proof interiors provide the perfect middle ground for kid conscious parents who wish for a stylish home. Most of the ideas below are affordable, easy-to-clean and maintain, full of color and trendy to say the least.

Baby-proof decor from the living room of blogger Joy Cho

Great design and great parenting DO go hand in hand! Today we present three amazing decor ideas for a baby-proof interior. Affordable, eye-catching, and very on-trend, these geometric objects, colorful baskets and modern toys prove that you can continue to evolve your design style while keeping your space safe for Junior. Embrace your new phase in life and let it inspire you to explore a new realm of decor. Enjoy!

Paper Geo Forms

While we can’t guarantee that sturdy paper and cardboard geometric shapes are indestructible, we know they won’t shatter when dropped! Great for higher tabletops (that are still within Little One’s reach), many of today’s most popular geo forms can be created with the help of free downloadable printables. Others can be purchased. Here are a few of our favorites…

These DIY Geometric Paper Ornaments from Etsy shop Field Guide Design are also ideal for displaying on shelves. Worried about them ending up in your tiny tot’s mouth? Try taping them to a plastic tray or another surface to ensure they don’t get tossed around. We’re loving the striking colors, such as mint green, mustard and lilac. When you order this set, you get the pre-cut and pre-scored templates–just add adhesive and fold them together with ease!

DIY geometric forms

Remember the geometric globe from our featured image at the top of the post? Blogger Joy Cho purchased hers from Canoe. Here’s a similar piece for your decorating endeavors: the [BASIC] Sectional Globe, featuring multi-colored countries and beautiful light blue oceans. Assemble it in 15 minutes!

Geometric sectional globe

We also came across this DIY Hanging Geometric Paper Shapes tutorial from South by North, which shows you how to embellish any “polyhedron net” template you search for and download online. The key ingredient here: watercolor paint! While the prism form may not be the most child-friendly, we just had to highlight this project for the gorgeous watercolor finish, which can be adapted to the geo form of your choice! We recommend using a sturdy paper to craft your shapes, such as card stock.

DIY hanging geometric paper shapes

Eye-Catching Baskets

From geometry to storage…which is exactly what we love about baskets as baby-proof decor! They add a stylish statement while providing a practical place to stash all those toys that begin to take over your home once the joys of parenthood set in. Below we see the Half Moon Basket from ferm LIVING, pictured with a variety of geometric pillows. Did we mention that pillows are an EXCELLENT child-safe way to add color, texture and pattern to a bottom shelf?!

Products from ferm LIVING

Here’s another fabulous find from ferm LIVING–the Spear Basket, which may as well be an ode to the triangle! Use it to hold toys, clothes or even your favorite pair of slippers that you’d rather keep out of sight. Like the basket above, this find is crafted of 100% organic cotton.

Geometric basket

For a handwoven take on the storage basket, check out these colorful Bolga Baskets from West Elm. Woven in Ghana from colorfully-dyed grasses, they can hold toys, your favorite magazines and more!

Handwoven baskets from West Elm

Modern Toys That Double as Decor

We end with a trio of modern toys that may as well be modern art. Designed by blogger Joy Cho, the Patterned Plush Pachyderm from Land of Nod brings sprinkle mania home. Safe for all ages, it’s also ideal for colorful interiors that reflect the latest in pattern trends.

Sprinkle-patterned pachyderm

Why display your child’s toys? Because when they look this good, it’s a travesty to keep them hidden! Love the modern form of this Rainbow Stacker from The Land of Nod, which puts an ultra vibrant twist on a classic design.

rainbow stacking toy

These Stacking Monster Blocks from Poketo feature an array of forms, from scalloped dowels and scales to robotic diodes and monster heads. Plus, they’re crafted from FSC-certified basswood and embellished with non-toxic inks. Whimsical style meets contemporary flair!

Stacking monster blocks from Poketo

As you ponder the stylish possibilities of child-safe decor, make sure you choose items that are truly safe. Check warning labels, and don’t incorporate pieces that are too small–these can be choking hazards. If one item isn’t quite what you’re looking for, today’s post proves that another fun option is just around the corner!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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