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11 Hexagon Crafts that Bring Geo Style to Your Home

Still searching for something new to revitalize your home with the arrival of New Year? It is always hard to find a piece of décor that is beautiful, unique, brings a different dimension to your home and yet blends in with the existing style and ambiance. You need solutions that are creative, crafty and blend into the backdrop even while making their presence felt. In contemporary homes dominated by squares, rectangles and clean, straight lines, a polygon with more than just four sides seems like a welcome addition. And hexagon DIY crafts allow you to explore these additional facets ever so beautifully!

Gorgeous DIY Hexagon Photo Coasters

The six-sided polygon is not a common entity in modern homes. In fact, most homes almost never have any feature that borrows from the symmetry of the hexagon. This is precisely why hexagon DIY additions feel like such a breath of fresh air. They also blend in effortlessly with modernity and with the right color choice, tend not to disturb the already present color palette. So, why wait? Try out these awesome and easy DIY hexagon crafts (along with a few challenging ones) and feel the difference.

Geo Contrast for Your Walls

Whenever you want to try out a new design trend, color or even decorating style, it is the accent wall that comes to your rescue. With hexagon DIY crafts, it is not much different and walls also offer a space-savvy way to add the new geometric pattern. One of our absolute favorites in this regard is the Hexagon ombre wall inside the modern bedroom. It is colorful, classy and yet feels right with pretty much any style you have going in the room.

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DIY Hexagon ombre wall for the modern bedroom

DIY honeycomb shelves come next on the list and they definitely blend efficiency with style and decorating ease. If your living room or the hallway is devoid of a lovely display, then these homemade hexagonal shelves come in mighty handy indeed! The hexagon marble wall clock is an idea that every minimalist will instantly fall in love with while its more colorful and less understated variant is for those who love a bit of shabby chic or midcentury exuberance.

DIY Honeycomb wooden shelves
DIY hexagon clock
Homemade Hexagon Marble Wall Clock

Coasters and Place Cards

You would think that something as small on a table like a coaster does not make a big difference and yet it does! A hexagon coaster is a move away from the usual love for circular coasters and it turns an ordinary coffee table, dining table or breakfast bar into something far more refined and trendy. It does sound a bit cray to think that a coaster can make such a huge difference, but you cannot argue with practical results! Add a bit of spunk to these coasters with personalized photos and while you are at it, try out the hexagon marble tile place cards as well.

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Custom and cool Hexagon Photo Coasters
Marble tile place cards DIY
Minimal Concrete Hexagon Coasters

Space-Savvy Décor

Fancy something that requires a bit more work? Then the Hexagon dining table with steel legs is the answer. This six-sided dining table comes with a wooden top and a base that adds industrial panache to any space it sits in. The elegant table neatly fits into any corner and you can even turn it into beautiful banquette. Another space-conscious addition is the hexagon DIY shoe rack that neatly fits into pretty much any entryway. Finally, there is the white and wonderful DIY hexagon vase that demands a fair amount of work despite its punitive form.

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DIY hexagon dining table with industrial style legs
Hexagon DIY shoe rack idea
Elegant DIY hexagon vase for modern interiors

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