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Amazing Contemporary Dining Tables Steal The Show With A Sculptural Base

With warm summer days not too far away, now is probably the best time to think about planning for those fun evenings and wonderful dinner parties involving friends and family. The changing season might very well tempt you to give your interior an overhaul and bring home some trendy new decor additions. Why not consider a brand new dining table that will be at the heart of all the festivity? And this time around, think of a table that goes beyond the mundane and adds a bit of oomph to your indoor and even outdoor dining space.

A dining table with sculptural base adds drama and elegance to your home while clearly demarcating the dining area in an open floor plan. It draws attention instantly and makes the family dinners even more special. Enhancing your home aesthetically, here are some amazing dining tables from Porada, which give an impressive twist to the usual stoic dining table legs –

Twists and Turns of Elika

Picking the right dining table for your home involves considering both the size of the table and its style. If you wish to add some geometric and visual contrast to a contemporary home that is dominated by clean, straight lines, the curvy Elika by Gino Carollo is a great choice. Its base is crafted out of a polymer structure and wood, while the tempered glass top ensures that it is not visually impeding. The round dining table is great for small spaces, and it is available in a multitude of sizes and finishes to serve the specific needs of your home.

Intricate Wonder of Infinity!

Crafted with imaginative brilliance by Stefano Bigi, the Infinity table is our favorite among those featured today. Its ribbon-like “loopy” base sets it apart from any other dining table out there. The Porada philosophy of “everything comes from wood” seems to be accentuated by this bold yet minimal creation. The table is perfect for homes with a variety of styles that range from the semi-minimal to the eclectic. Just couple it with classic wooden chairs like the Cherner and you have a dining space that is bound to become a showstopper!

A Dramatic Focal Point

If the curves of Infinity and the Elika are a touch too expansive for your taste, then the theatrical yet grounded design of the Gheo might be what you need. This spectacular dining table comes with a base that adds some spherical magic to your modern home while blending in with most neutral color schemes. Coming in solid walnut and ash, the table looks great even in the home office, thanks to its semi-formal look. Exuding balance and poise, it is a table that is hard to miss!

Sherry Nothingam

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