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Affordable DIY Projects For Budget-Savvy Design Enthusiasts

I’ve had the DIY bug lately! Kate here, and this spring my motto has been, “If I can make something new every day, I will!” Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow for a daily trip to the craft store, so I’ve been on the hunt for project ideas that are affordable and easy to create. You’d be surprised by the number of budget-friendly diy projects at our fingertips, thanks to a variety of creative bloggers who have a passion for great design (and a willingness to share their ideas). Today’s post features a collection of my favorites. And you can bet I’ll keep you posted if I decide to try a few of these projects:

DIY Projects for the Walls

We begin with the walls, because I rarely meet anyone who says, “I’m happy with all of my wall art and need nothing more!” These Washi Tape Frames from Brit + Co. are a wonderful way to surround your favorite pics. Not to mention, with washi tape being ideal for renters due to its easy removal, I can’t help but wonder about the wall mural possibilities…

Washi tape picture frames

This Sticker Star Wall Constellation from A Subtle Revelry is so dreamy. Easy to create with stickers and black thread, it adds a unique whimsical touch to your wall of choice.

Star constellation wall art

With the help of some colorful nail polish, you too can create your own Marbled Photo Art, thanks to an awesome tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. And if you’d rather not add a marble effect to your photos, try marbleizing paper or wood for instant style!

Nail polish marble art

Lately I’ve been wanting to create some wall art inspired by shower drains–these metallic pieces come in such interesting Deco-style designs! So you can understand why I was excited to come across the Hex Nut Wall Art featured below. All you need to do is head on over to the home improvement store and select some hex nuts and washers (throw in some gold-toned items for contrast). Check out all the details at Design for Mankind[via Brit + Co.]

Washer and hex nut wall art

I’m a big believer in using garlands as part of my decor. And not just for parties! This festive garland from Design Love Fest requires nothing more than card stock, scissors, a pencil and a sewing machine. Simple sewing, folks, so no worries if you’re not an expert with a needle and thread!

DIY paper garland

Affordable DIY Lighting and Furniture

We now move on to DIY lighting and furniture ideas. Don’t let your budget hold you back if you need a new furnishings or pendant lights for your home. With a little crafty energy, you can create your own customized piece for a fraction of the price required to buy a new (or vintage) item. Minimalist pendant lights are all the rage this season, and they’re not cheap! Thanks to this Beaded Pendant tutorial by Claire Zinnecker for Camille Styles (inspired by lighting from Camp Provisions), you can design your own stylish pendant light. Note the cloth-covered wire vintage-style cord, as well as the handy hanging technique that doesn’t require a visit from the electrician!

DIY beaded pendant

Did someone say DIY pendant? Why not utilize the space-age look of a kitchen colander? Be sure to select a deep colander so it pairs well with the with cylindrical ceiling fixture and the bulb. For project details and other great ideas, visit Sunset:

DIY colander pendant lighting

Renember this fabulous low shelf we featured in our post about DIY projects created with cinder blocks? I’m a big fan of these affordable supplies, and I’ve used them to create many a project, including this cinder block bench. The shelf you see below is simple yet unforgettable, due to its low design and the color variation on the blocks. [from Gardenista]

Modern cinder block shelf

The next affordable furnishing is created by French industrial designer Pierre Lota for the 1 Object in 1 Minute project (yes, the project really involves crafting an object in one minute)! If you need to take a bit longer with this one, that’s OK–the table you see below is made from 4 wooden hangers and a square slab of wood. Check out all the details at Trend Hunter. [from Pierre Lota and Design Milk]

DIY project from the 1 Object in 1 Minute project

This next furniture project was previously featured in a Decoist article on DIY stool ideas. I love that this DIY Children’s Bathroom Step Stool involves supplies like mod podge and paper, and it would also be easy to use contact paper to embellish the top of your stool. I’m pondering a red stool for my space! A tutorial can be found at Pretty Prudent.

DIY bathroom step stool

DIY Finishing Touches

From the walls to the furniture to the icing on the cake! Let’s start by talking organization. Because most of us could use a little help in that department! The Desk Organizer Tray below is from MochiThings, and it comes with 6 small boxes that fit into the larger one. This is a great piece to buy, but it has also given me the idea of using boxes (and lids) from my gift wrap closet to create a little desk top organizer of my own!

Desk organizer tray from MochiThings

This Washi Tape Box DIY from Oh Happy Day has the power to contain small items. Paint the box, cover it with washi tape shapes and seal it with decoupage glue for a final touch. Many of you know that I love 1980s design and motifs, so I’m sure you can understand why a geometric project like this brings a smile to my face!

Washi tape box DIY project

We now move onto affordable DIY decor! The DIY Gold Frosted Bowl you see below involves the clever use of papier-mâché, gold spray paint and sea salt. Yes, sea salt! Check out the details and tutorial A Subtle Revelry:

DIY gold frosted bowl

I’m very drawn to this quirky vase collection from Oh Joy! It makes me want to stock up on unique vases with the help of my local thrift store, then take the time to craft some stunning DIY floral arrangements. This pic proves there’s power in numbers:

Quirky vase collection

Earlier this week, I wrote a post on air plant terrarium ideas, which included the ultra-hip and easy-to-create DIY air plant terrarium you see below. Those little white “pebbles” are actually navy beans! Yes, navy beans! A tutorial for this project designed by Lauren Donaldson can be found at Houzz:

DIY air plant terrarium project, photo credit: Lauren Donaldson

I’ll end with my latest project for Decoist: a DIY Hanging Planter! This one is super easy and affordable, folks. Just make sure the planter/pot you choose is lightweight. If you choose a plastic selection, you can likely use a Crop-A-Dile tool instead of a drill to make the holes on either side.

DIY hanging planter project

Hope today’s post inspires some budget-friendly spring projects. Thanks for reading!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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