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The Chic Allure Of Black Bedroom Furniture

Remember in the ’80s when black lacquered bedroom furniture was all the rage? Deco-style curves and gold trim completed the look. While many consider this style to be outdated, I still happen to love it, but today’s post isn’t about me! It’s about the power of black bedroom furniture in today’s design world.

While certain furniture styles may come and go, black is still a color of choice for bedroom pieces such as nightstands, dressers and headboards. And they’ve never been more chic and modern. Need some proof? Check out the images that follow, which are filled with inspirational ideas and pieces that are currently making a splash…

Black Bedroom Furniture Inspiration

Curious about how black furniture fits into today’s thoughtfully designed bedrooms? Look no further. We begin by featuring a series of boudoirs that incorporate sleek ebony pieces with unprecedented style. Like this glamorous headboard, nightstand duo and dresser in black. See the gold trim on the bed? Maybe black bedroom furniture with curves and gold accents is making a comeback… [from Edwin Pepper Interiors]

Luxury bedroom with black furniture

Black furnishings are also ideal for eclectic spaces, such as the elegant room below. Note the mix of patterns, as well as the use of black on the ceiling and bedding to create a dramatic look. The rich colors are a wonderful contrast to the feminine florals. [from Fiddlehead Design Group]

Black cabinet in an eclectic bedroom

Black pieces are also divine in white bedrooms, creating a dramatic look that can vary from decadent to crisp. These twin canopy beds by Oly Studio draw the eye upward, creating a sense of spaciousness. Their dark color makes a bold statement, don’t you think?! [from Y. McFadden LLC Interiors]

Twin beds in a modern eclectic bedroom

Black furnishings are a great choice for vintage-inspired spaces, such as this boys’ shared bedroom designed by Holly Bender of Holly Bender Interiors. The overall color scheme: orange, blue and black. The bed on the left is from IKEA, while the bed on the right is a custom piece. Gray walls (and a gray ceiling) tie the room’s various hues together for a contemporary effect. [photo by Scott Hargis Photography]

Vintage-meets-modern bedroom

Now let’s talk color. What are some popular bedroom color combinations that incorporate black furniture? For starters, we often see black blended with neutrals, such as gray and taupe. The result: a calm space with richness and depth, as shown below. [from Michael Abrams Limited]

Black and taupe modern bedroom

While you may think that a combo of gray and black would result in a severe space, the use of light, bright accent colors such as mint green, white and pink keep the bedroom below from taking itself too seriously. [from Jonathan Adler]

Black sofa in a chic bedroom

As noted earlier, black pieces in crisp white bedrooms create a chic look, especially when interesting furnishings and accents are selected. Note the industrial pendant lighting that hangs overhead in the next featured bedroom, as well as the black bedding. [from Kababie Arquitectos]

Chic black and white bedroom space

Bright, bold colors are popular accent shades often used to complement black. Below we see a fiery red-orange used as a counterpart to the black hue found on the four-post bed from Bradshaw Kirchofer. [photo by Patrick Cline for Tilton Fenwick]

Black and orange rule in an eclectic bedroom

A similar effect can be created by contrasting black with hot pink, often with an elegant, feminine result. Black is used sparingly in the next featured bedroom. Note the black trim on the headboard, as well as hot pink detailing on the rug, pillows and artwork. Very chic! [from Jodie Rosen Design]

Black trim in a pink and white bedroom

Then there are those colors that have a soothing effect when combined with black. For example, the chill gray-blue shade of this next modern bedroom is perfectly complemented by the black bed and draperies, as well as the gray-toned artwork. [from Love, Thomas]

Black contrasts a soothing blue-green bedroom wall

Black Bedroom Furniture Finds

Are you hooked on black furniture for the boudoir? Not only is it versatile, it has the power to anchor a space, thanks to the powerful statement it makes. We end today’s post by featuring some furniture finds and including helpful links with purchasing information. Below we see the Mid-Century Bed from West Elm, complete with a classy black finish. A streamlined form and tapered legs give this piece retro-meets-modern power.

Modern bed with Mid-century style

For a slightly softer look, go with a bed that incorporates the color black into a woven fabric. For example, the Hoffman Bed from Room & Board is a nice blend of dark and light, creating an overall charcoal effect. A similar fabric on the desk chair adds depth to this bedroom, which features a dark wall and black window treatments.

Black bed and chair for the bedroom

We now move on to bedroom seating, some of which can also perform nightstand duty. The Zemi Stool from CB2 combines black and brass for a striking contrast that celebrates the beauty of a simple yet strong form.

Black and brass stool

For a seating solution that’s as comfortable as it is interesting, check out the ErgoErgo Stool from Room & Board, complete with a modern design that results in a gentle rocking motion, helping the body to build strength and flexibility:

Black stool for the bedroom

Bring on the sophistication! The Deco-style Marguerite Nightstand from West Elm incorporates two of today’s most popular design trends: black lacquer and brass-finished hardware. Not to mention, the piece features back cable cutouts that are perfect for devices such as alarm clocks and phone charging stations.

Stylish black nightstand

Ready for a little bit of geometry? The Toulouse Cube Side Table from Jonathan Adler is made with fully mitered construction. The result: crisp corners and edges. A multi-step hand finishing process creates the textural pattern, and a coat of smooth lacquer tops it all off. While the piece comes in a variety of colors, we’re fans of the black table. Imagine how this item would pop against a colorful bedroom wall!

Geometric side table in black

For a touch of industrial style, check out the Harvey Carbon Grey Nightstand from CB2. Providing the storage and display benefits of two shelves, this handy nightstand is compact yet highly functional.

Black nightstand in a modern bedroom

Black bedroom furniture is an excellent solution for any bedroom space. As we’ve seen today, the style possibilities are endless, regardless of the look you’re trying to create. And if you have hardwood floors as in the bedroom above, there’s nothing like an ebony piece of furniture to offset the warm tones. Hope today’s post inspired you to incorporate a black furnishing or two into your own boudoir!

Kate Simmons

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