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Dice Cube Furnishings And Game Rooms For A Fun-Filled Home

What comes to mind when you see a pair of dice? Not home decor, I’m sure. Today’s post may seem a bit off tangent, but I’m sure you will enjoy it nonetheless.

Instead of featuring topics like acrylic coffee tables and living room makeover tips, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to show you some Vegas-inspired furnishings and home designs that recreate Sin City vibes outside of the intoxicating epicenter of entertainment.

If you think I’m referring to dance poles and black lights, then I’m afraid you’re ahead of the game, because this post is about dice cube coffee tables and furnishings…you know, PG-13 stuff.

A Different Kind of Coffee Table

When I came across these funky coffee tables, I was blown away by the fact that I haven’t thought of these sooner. Instead of seeing yet another “minimalist” or “modern” coffee table, which can become rather repetitive, I was instantly captivated by these tables’ 3D shape and 6-faced dots. See for yourself how these dice cubes add an extra wow factor to each of the living rooms below.

Bob Lancaster Designs

Those lucky enough to stumble upon dice cube tables at a neighborhood garage sale should have nothing to complain about, especially if the set looks as decorative as the ones above. While it’s nice to purchase new pieces of furniture, rummaged ones give off another kind of charisma, one that tells a story of its own and has a distinct worn-out look that can’t be replicated. So the next time you’re out on your weekend scavenger hunt, be sure to keep an eye out for not-so-new furnishings, because you’d be surprised at what you can find to love.

Carla 3

Groundswell Design Group

While I know the dice above are definitely not big enough to be used as side tables, I thought you’d like to see some interesting ways other designers have incorporated these rollable blocks of wood around the house.

Masterpiece Design Group

Masterpiece Design Group

The same red dice cubes from above are seen in a different home setting, and the results are noticeably different. If you scroll up to the previous picture, then you will see how these cubes can either be the centerpiece of the living room or just a simple side ornament. So depending on your personal style, these cubes can jazz things up in infinite ways.

Not-So-Average Design Tricks

Out-of-the-box thinking gets you far in life, and the same goes for redecorating your home. See how you can use dice cubes in three different areas:

Sarah Greenman

Under the bed and out of sight (well, sort of) goes this dice cube chest. I’m sure your kids would love a giant storage bin like the one above to store all of their toys or unwashed clothes.

Unconscious On Canvas

Here is a leather footrest that works well with vibrant living rooms. The dice-inspired cushion is a great modern touch to complement the room’s curated masterpieces.

Wonderland Homes

You enjoy playing Where’s Waldo, right? Well… can you spot the red dice!? Hint: bottom left corner of the coffee table. 

Game Rooms For Show

With so much of our focus on dice cubes, it’s almost a crime not to feature some beautifully thought-out entertainment rooms. You will find  some of our top choices below!

Shouldice Media

RWA Architects

Now you can’t have a full game room without setting up a full bar station! To host the Kickback of the Year, take design inspiration from the cabin-themed game room above.

Norelco Cabinets

Laura U

Cord Shiflet

Did you like the dice cube furnishings? How about the ultra-chic entertainment rooms? Don’t forget to share your thoughts below!

Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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