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Multilevel House In Israel Gets A Bright And Colorful Renovation

We always talk about the use of beautiful accent colors to enliven modern interiors that are draped in cool neutral hues. This lovely three-story house in Israel is a wonderful case in the point with its stunning interiors that showcase brilliant blue and refreshing yellow accents. Even though this is a multilevel house, the entire residence barely occupies 135 square meters, and since it is spread across three different levels, each floor is compact and demands space-conscious design solutions. Owned by a young couple with two children, the space was revamped into an inviting, stylish hub by architects from Anat Stoles and Spring Harmoni.

Living room with bold yellow and blue accents

We have come across several trendy renovation projects from the Middle East of late, and this is another one that combines ergonomic design with aesthetic radiance. The entry level of the house is 55 square meters large and houses the living room, spacious kitchen in the corner and a striking dining area that is demarcated with an area rug. A soft blue couch is coupled with two floating coffee tables and a built-in bookcase in the corner. Vivacious blue dining table chairs add to the bright effervescence of the space, while bold yellow throw pillows and blue vases accentuate this cool color scheme.

Plush couch in cool blue with yellow accent pillows

Wooden library shelves doubles as an interesting display

Modern book shelf display in the living room

Bright dining table chairs in gorgeous blue

Floating wooden shelves in the kitchen

Glass pendant lights above the dining table

Modern kitchen in white with dining area

Oak staircase next to the living room

The second level features a revamped master bedroom and bath along with two bedrooms for the kids. The color scheme is kept as neutral and simple as possible to promote tranquility and relaxation. Nestled in an area of 50 square meters, renovations on this level have been kept to a bare minimum with the old decor and accessories being switched out for new ones. The top floor houses the guest room along with a bath and completes this creative residence. Smart, tasteful and cheerful at every turn…

Tranquil master bedroom in white

Stylish vase doubles as a bedside stand

Smart display option for the kitchen

Captivating pendant lights in glass

Contemporary bath in white with glass shower area

Bathroom decorating idea for modern home

Beautiful modern interiors in white

Elegant bathroom fittings for modern home

Gorgeous decorating idea with flower vase

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