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Geometric Design Inspiration For Your Next Accent Wall Or DIY Project

I have several DIY projects in the works, from painting the cabinets in the laundry room to creating a wall mural in the spare bedroom. I’m considering going geometric in both spaces. Have you noticed the current geometric design trend? From diamond-shaped terrariums to prismatic light fixtures, geo forms are dominating interior design as we speak. And when it comes to geometric motifs, the DIY possibilities are endless. Why not paint triangles on an old terracotta planter or embellish an accent wall with a diamond-pattern design?

Today we share ten striking sources of inspiration. Have you ever searched for ideas by perusing items such as rugs, furniture and bedding? When we open our eyes to the plethora of designs that surround us, we can truly discover a host of decorative possibilities. Check out the patterns and colors below, then tell us about your favorites (as well as your DIY ideas) in the comments section at the end of the post…

Triangular Geometric Patterns

One of today’s trendiest design motifs is the triangle pattern. From rugs and throw pillows to blankets and bedding, triangles are EVERYWHERE. If you’re searching for a triangle pattern to inspire you in your latest DIY project, don’t forget to check out the wide range of decor items currently on the market. Like the pembetatu cotton dhurrie rug from CB2, which gets its name from the Swahili word for triangle. This triangle- and diamond-infused pattern could certainly inspire a design of your own…

Triangular-patterned rug

You can adapt this look to the wall by painting an assortment of triangles in an array of vivid colors, from hot red to lime green. We have to admit…the specific pattern below would take a lot of time and patience to paint. Which is why it’s available as a wallpaper mural from MuralsWallpaper!

Triangle-patterned wall mural

Don’t hesitate to use empty space to your advantage. The triangles in this Assembly Home Little Pieces Duvet Cover from Urban Outfitters appear to be floating on the bedding. Sometime they’re evenly spaced, and other times they’re grouped in twos and threes. Lots of triangular possibilities here…

Duvet cover with a triangle pattern

The triangles in the home office below are right triangles–let’s hear it for 90% angles! We see plenty of these geometric forms in current home decor offerings, such as cozy throws. A full tutorial for creating this stylish accent wall can be found at Rosie + The Boys. I love the colors as much as I love the pattern, don’t you?! [via Pinterest]

Wall mural featuring a triangle pattern

Remember that when it comes to triangles, you can keep it simple. The pillows below from ferm LIVING remind us that a few diagonal lines can create multiple triangles. Rather than filling your wall or accent surface with a slew of small shapes, try a bold design that focuses on large forms…

Pillow with bold triangles

Geometric Patterns Featuring Diagonal Lines

Remember when a wall featuring slanted wooden panels was considered outdated? These days it’s all about the diagonal! In fact, intersecting diagonals are quickly surpassing the popularity of the classic chevron pattern. This Canted Wool Rug from West Elm (shown below in Igloo and Salmon) was inspired by an abstract painting featuring an over-sized chevron pattern…

Rugs featuring a large chevron pattern

Diagonals are currently emerging on furnishings as well as textiles. If you have a narrow surface that’s crying out for embellishment, don’t hesitate to cover it with slanted lines, even short ones. Below we see the stylish appeal of the Herringbone Mirrored Vanity from West Elm:

Herringbone-pattern vanity

Don’t forget the bold use of color! One of my favorite new furnishings this season is the Stella Cabinet from CB2. Not only is the color combination of the piece’s decorative bands absolutely fabulous, this cabinet from Brooklyn-based designer Ceci Thompson boasts an abstract herringbone floor pattern. It’s as if we’ve zoomed in on one small part of a long chevron. What a great reminder to keep it simple yet striking when creating your own geometric pattern…

Colorful striped cabinet

White lines intersect on a yellow background in this geometric wall mural laundry room makeover from Design Milk. This wall design was beautifully executed with the help of the ColorSnap Studio app by Sherwin Williams. And some strategically placed painter’s tape…

Geometric laundry room wall mural

We end with a special reminder that in the realm of geometric designs, inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places. For example, this manicure from iPolished features an array of diagonal lines. Fabulous!

Stylish manicure with diagonal lines

Did any of today’s featured images inspire a design of your own? Tell us about your favorites by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

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