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What a Difference an Air Plant Makes

If you’re looking for an easy way to add life to your interior, we at Decoist are partial to the stylish option of an air plant! You’re probably very familiar with these natural wonders and the way they’re taking the design world by storm, but just in case you’re not, here are a few facts. For starters, air plants are also known as Tillandsia, and they absorb water and nutrients through their leaves. They don’t need the soil to survive, but they DO need water.

An urban air plant garden

I was the lucky recipient of the air plant you see above, a lovely selection from ProPlants. In fact, this Airplant Terrarium Globe came with the glass globe you see, as well as the plant, pebbles and twine (should I choose to hang this modern garden in the future)! A special thank you to a certain Decoist Editor In Chief for this gift–the perfect find for a design enthusiast!

Air plants brighten a variety of interiors

Air Plant Care

So how do you care for air plants? Misting and soaking them are two ways to ensure they stay moist, but care directions may vary given the conditions of your interior. For the selection featured in today’s post, ProPlants recommends removing the plant from the orb, then thoroughly drenching it 2-3 times per week. Check with your local nursery or place of purchase for more information on care details when it come to the specifics of your air plant.

An air plant adds life to a kitchen window

Air Plant Possibilities…

When it comes to decorating with your air plant, the possibilities are endless. Many people prefer glass orbs like the one pictured throughout today’s post. Others enjoy incorporating them into succulent arrangements with other special details, such as seashells and branches for a whimsical effect. Not to mention, air plants mix well with other decorative flourishes, such as curiosities and quirky treasures.

Combine air plants with other unique decor

Don’t forget…you can start your own air plant garden by collecting more than one of these beauties. Below we see a spiky variety, as well as a long-leafed plant with a rosy tint. Both sit in the picture window in my kitchen, and they make me happy each day, bringing a bit of life to my modern culinary space with black and chrome accents.

A pair of air plants in a picture window

Do you own an air plant? How have you incorporated it into your home? Do you keep it inside, or is it a part of your outdoor space? Share all the design details by leaving a comment below…

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