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Luxurious And Dramatic Wooden Bathtubs Make A Bold Visual Statement

Contemporary bathrooms are all about sleek and stylish decor and fixtures that resonate a chic, urban style. Incorporating wooden bathtubs in such a posh and refined setting dominated by concrete and glass not only creates wonderful visual contrast, but also adds inimitable warmth to the space. Designed to stand as timeless additions that exude elegance and uncompromised opulence, the Laguna series of bathtubs from Alegna elevates your bathroom to a whole new level! Bringing decades of experience in yacht building to these exquisite bathtub designs,Alegna manually crafts each of the tubs to picture-perfect precision.

While water and wood might not seem like the best combination, an extremely resistant coating specially developed by the firm ensures that the tubs stand test of time. Blending in seamlessly with any modern bathroom setting, the Laguna Series features three different tubs, with each one bringing its own unique flair to the bathroom floor. The ergonomic and free-standing model PEARL steals the show with its fabulous finish, elegant form and flowing curves. Bringing the high-quality workmanship of Laguna bathtubs to the fore, it definitely is the shining pearl among the collection. Easy to install, it promises to be the showstopper of your renovated bathroom.

Laguna PEARL

The Laguna SPA truly brings home the spa-like experience, as its broad rim with integrated drain allows you to soak away all your woes with ease. Visually enchanting, it comes with custom Jacuzzi options as well, and the natural stones in the rim can be altered to suit the current color scheme of your bathroom in scintillating style. Aesthetic and extravagant, it truly is for those who love a touch of indulgence wrapped in wooden brilliance!

Laguna SPA

Rounding off the list is the Laguna BASIC for those looking to bring home a new bathtub that is both amazing and space-conscious. The cool exterior of the bathtub allows it to be fitted easily into any existing room, and since each tub is handcrafted, you can pick from hundreds of textures and finishes. An absolute treat for the senses, which one of these wooden wonders would you want to bring home?

Laguna BASIC

Every tub is manufactured individually and manually. Thus, the tubs can be produced from virtually every conceivable type of wood. The selected wooden veneers are compressed under high pressure and completely soaked in resin.  Split-offs, the absorption of water in the wood and other unsightly wear marks can thus be avoided.

A closer look at the Laguna Series…

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