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Contemporary Italian Kitchen Offers Functional Storage Solutions

Modern kitchens often define the tone of the remainder of the house. Be it the sleek and the stylish kitchens that effortlessly fit into small spaces or lavish, extravagant ones that exude a hint of traditional charm, a beautiful kitchen is one that ideally blends both form and function. Designed by Snaidero, Orange is one of those exceptional contemporary kitchens that dazzles with its balance of fine Italian craftsmanship and savvy space organization. Well-defined lines are combined with an interesting array of textures to create the appealing Orange Series. Add a colorful range of available backsplash patterns and you have a truly exciting space!

exquisite modern kitchen by Snaidero

But Orange is not just another pretty face. This mesmerizing kitchen has a multitude of features that allow you to alter it to specifically suit your own needs and the floor plan of your residence. Minimalist at its core, the kitchen also features a plethora of shelves and cabinets that enable you to tuck away that rarely used kitchenware and china. You can even use the open shelves of the kitchen island to create an appealing display that instantly becomes an aesthetic focal point.

Lovely blend of warm woode surfaces with cool lacquered finshes

Smart modern kitchen with oak finishes

Space saving kitchen storage ideas

Add some color to the kitchen with vivacious china

Kitchen countertop in beautiful natural oak

Goregous kitchen can be altered to suit your floor plan

Savvy storage shelves for the kitche island

A wide range of countertops that vary from glass and stainless steel to glossy Corian-like laminates ensures that you have the perfect workstation. Beautiful, elegant and exquisite, Orange also comes with integrated media options and MP3 docking ports for those who simply cannot live without their iPads and iPhones… A perfect choice for design enthusiasts who love dynamic and versatile interiors!

Ample seating space in the kitchen

Colorful backsplash in the kitchen makes a grand visual impact

A splash of orange across the kitchen

fabulous contemporary kitchen in white and orange

Sleek shelves coupled with smart appliances in the kitchen

Stylish kitchen in grey with glossy finish

Modern Orange kitchen in green and white

Orange with wooden countertop

A perfect kitchen for those who love sleek contemporary design

Sherry Nothingam
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