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Infant School In England Gets A Playful And Functional New Addition

Seems like bland old office cubicles and monotonous square classrooms are a thing of the past! We’ve been seeing some stunning office designs that redefine our perception of a work space. This lovely little infant school in Oxfordshire, England follows suit as it exudes a warm, inviting vibe that’s often alien to school structures. Designed with a hint of playfulness and ample creativity by Jessop and Cook Architects, the latest renovation of the St Mary’s Infant School is all about blending aesthetics and ergonomics.

New wooden structure at the St Mary’s Infant School

The new structure added to the existing school building consists of three different sections with pitched roofs that complement the original edifice. A spacious classroom in buff brick is housed in the first section, while an additional teaching space and amenities are placed in the next. An open playroom is connected to these levels using sliding glass doors, forming the third section of this fabulous linear extension. The use of three different levels and multiple pitched roofs helps create clearly demarcated smaller spaces, which are still visually connected and airy.

Open playroom at the front of the Oxfordshire school

Main classroom inside the Infant school

Colurful and relaxed interior of the St Mary’s Infant School

Skylights bring in natural ventilation

The elegant cedar-clad extension not only makes for a wonderful playroom that allows the tiny tots to have loads of fun under the sun, it also gives the façade of the school a distinct, exclusive appeal. Large skylights and windows help flood the space with plenty of natural light, and colorful furnishings enliven the interior. Innovative, practical and cost-effective, the extension is all about thinking beyond the expected!

Natural light floods through the ceiling

Window nook offers views of the green outdoor

Wooden stairs inside the school

Wooden detail of the new addition

Open design of the new addition to the St Mary’s Infant School

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