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Fabulous Forest House Promises Sophistication Coupled With Solitude

Surrounded by lush green scenery, the beautiful Forest House in Seattle, Washington is all about bringing together the refined elegance of a contemporary home and the serene privacy of a sheltered retreat. Designed with style and flair by McClellan Architects, the exceptional residence welcomes you with a beautiful driveway that guides you to the large entrance sporting a cascading water feature. Step inside and you will immediately notice the high ceilings and the open floor living plan that give the house a spacious and airy appeal.

Facade of the private Seattle Residence

The interior of the lavish residence sports warm, neutral colors with shades of grey, brown and cream dominating the setting. Large glass windows and doors help usher in ample natural ventilation even as modern accessories and plush furnishings fill the space. The living room, dining area and the kitchen are housed in the lower level of the residence, while the bedrooms and the bathrooms occupy the top floor.

Arco floor lamp in the living room

Luxurious leather couches in the living room

Spacious living room with high ceiling

View from the modern kitchen

Spacious dining room inside the Forest House

One of the most striking features of the private residence is the contemporary landscape that surrounds the structure. Thanks to the brilliant design of the house, the expansive backyard seems like a natural extension of the interior and allows the owners to spend many beautiful evenings outdoors. Smart lighting and interesting artwork complete this chic and urbane home tucked away in a blanket of greenery!

Stylish sleigh bed in the modern bedroom

Bedroom fireplace idea

Beautiful bedroom connected with the green landscape

Orange kids' bedroom design

Contemporary home office inisde the Forest House

Home gym idea

Plush modern bathroom

Exquisite bathroom design idea

Backyard of the lovely forest house

large glass windows connect the indoors with the landscape

Warm lighting takes over after sunset

Beautifully lit contemporary landscape

A look at the entrance at night

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