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Large Wall Art Ideas for Exquisite Interiors

Creative wall art additions are a great way to add distinct personality to your home. Especially when it comes to contemporary interiors assuming a sleek and polished look, wall art is a tasteful way of breaking up the monotony. From achieving a simple, elegant effect to aiming for the extravagant and the bold, decorating with artwork is all about knowing what is best for your own home. While some art installations accentuate the existing color scheme of the house, others become captivating focal points and conversation starters. More importantly, artwork displayed around your house reveals a little something about your own personality!

Adding geometric and textural contrast at times, art installations need not be limited to a classic painting or a giant poster. It’s all about showcasing what you love with a hint of sophistication and unassuming class. So why not bring home some quality art and enliven those blank walls that seem incomplete?…

Creating an Instant Focal Point

Art is all about turning heads and raising eyebrows! If you sport a sleek, stylish contemporary home that is draped in neutral colors and muted hues, wall art is one of the best ways to quickly create a perfect focal point in the room. A monochromatic setting further lends drama and puts the lovely wall art installation firmly in focus. Creating such a look is all about getting the lighting and the design scheme of the room right.

by Blutter Shiff Design Associates

The colorful art installation in the dining room showcased here seems like a natural extension of the space. Yet hints of blue, yellow and orange amid all the black and white help give the room a very distinct personality and drive away any sense of blandness.

Accentuate the Design Style

Wall art need not always be a standalone feature that distinguishes itself clearly from its immediate surroundings. Sometimes it is best to accentuate the colors and the design style of a room using artwork.

The lovely room featured below sports the iconic Arne Jacobsen’s Swan Chairs in distinct red, as well as a rug that brings together a multitude of hues. Art installations and paintings on the wall complement these colors perfectly and give the room a playful and vibrant appeal. Amazingly enough, even the pout of the flower seems to mimic the curves of the Swan chair perfectly!

by Couture-Homes

Enliven the Home Office

The home office is another perfect place to display the artwork that you love. In fact, a home office with no additional wall art looks both boring and dull. Since most home offices are not typically blessed with ample space, it’s best to be size conscious.

The art installation that you choose should not overwhelm the room. Another simple rule for displaying art in a small space is to repeat it in more than one place. Pick up at least two prints or canvas paintings from the same artist and display them in different corners of the room to create visual symmetry.

by Andrea Braund Home Staging & Design

Inventive Framed Wall Art

Wall art is usually all about paintings and posters. Some prefer to go down the mural lane as well. But there are plenty of other options to consider. The inventive display of framed photographs in the dining room featured below is a perfect example. With digital cameras and smartphones turning everyone into something of an ‘amateur photographer’, you can have one of your own snapshots fragmented and framed.

Framing posters and pictures gives them a polished cultured appeal, turning even the most mediocre images into stunning art!

by poggi design

Add Dimension and Texture

3D wall art is another favorite among modern designers, as it brings an array of divergent elements together. Wall tiles, unique 3D art decor and stylish murals add depth to the wall and usher in fabulous geometric patterns and inimitable textures. And not all of these additions need to be extravagant or expensive, as a simple plate decoration in the dining room or an innovative placement of hats in the entry foyer can make an equally compelling artistic statement. The 3D decorative metal butterfly pins pictured below are a case in the point.

by West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

A Burst of Color

Ironically enough, displaying art around your house is an art in itself, and most homeowners seem to struggle with it. There is no point in decorating with a gorgeous framed photograph or a brilliant painting if it does not get noticed. Displaying art is not about simply filling the gaps on the wall. Take a look at the stylish contemporary bathroom below and one of the first things you will notice is the plush color of the photograph displayed. Set against a white backdrop and illuminated elegantly, it fills the room with a vibrant reddish glow.

by Pinnacle Architectural Studio

Casually Refined Elegance

This one is definitely for the art aficionados among Decoist readers. Artwork need not be always framed and hung on walls, and sometimes a casual yet carefully planned placement of art pieces can create laid-back, engaging interiors. Fill the room with your favorite art pieces and make sure that you are unapologetic about the display. This is a perfect look for the home studio of a creative artist, who is bound to spend countless hours coming up with new ideas. What better inspiration to surround yourself with than your favorite artwork?!…

by Works Photography

Incorporating such large collections of artwork is not always about making a series of expensive buys. Just so you know, there are plenty of sources for a creative photo collage at amazing prices — like Saatchi Online, which features a wide range of exclusive collections and even original art pieces. Just dig in, explore and start your very own collection!

One Defining Addition!

If you are not fascinated by the idea of owning a vast art collection, then how about bringing home that one defining piece that will alter the look of your home’s interior completely?

A large canvas in the backdrop makes for a tasteful addition, and you need not worry about decorating the wall with various small pieces. It also allows you to splurge on a single definitive art piece, instead of buying several different items on the same budget. A truly grand and original artwork addition is bound to turn into the most talked about find of your living room.

by Philpotts Interiors

Display Your Love!

The beauty of decorating with art is that it means different things for different people. For some, a grand mural of their favorite football team is engrossing art that is perfect for the bedroom. For others, it is an imitation poster of one of Da Vinci’s defining works or a reinterpretation of a Picasso classic. If you happen to love the Andy Warhol silkscreen-styled print then do not hesitate to make them a part of your home. Be it Monroe or Elvis or a blown-up painting of your family in Pop Art colors, at the end of the day, it’s all about showcasing what you love.

by Cantoni

Think Beyond the Usual

Whether you display framed watercolor paintings from your kid, homemade knitted wall decor or antiques that add to the ambiance of the room, it’s all about finding what interests you the most. There are plenty of DIY art ideas that also allow you to class up your home without spending a fortune on art. One of the endearing principles that all great artists allude to is that art is everywhere. Do not shy away from exploring this fascinating world because you feel intimidated by the plethora of brilliant work all around you.

Take your time before buying any artwork and explore all the possible options. Understand what you wish to add to your home, what your specific needs are and the budget constraints that you need to work within. Displaying art around your house is not about dressing up the space for guests. It is all about revealing a bit more of your personality to the world through the choices you make.

Simply put, only purchase works of art that you absolutely love.

Sherry Nothingam

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