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30 Modern Curtains to Adorn Your Sliding Glass Doors in Style

Modern architecture is as much about the view outside as it is about the gorgeous interiors indoors. With the many endless sights and sounds of the world becoming an integral part of residences and villas across the globe, the use of glass is definitely on the up. Glass and stone are being used extravagantly and exquisitely to bring in contemporary class.

Sliding glass doors have become an important part of many such ultra-stylish designs as they blur borders and keep us visually connected with our vibrant surroundings.

Unique decor and lovely drapes to hide away the sliding glass doors
Light yellow drapes blend in with the decor beautifully

by Arkon Group

While sliding glass doors do bring along with them plenty of advantages, privacy is most certainly not one among them. This is precisely where curtains for sliding glass doors come in. Drapes next to your sliding glass door installations bring along with them both fabulous form and ergonomic function. So how about you check out these stunning homes that incorporate them with effortless elegance?  You might inspired to follow suit!

Contemporary bathroom in white with matching drapes and sliding glass doors

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Stunning display of sliding glass doors that connect the living room with the world outside!

by S.I.D

Modern dining area and patio connected with sliding glass doors hidden behind white curtains

by Arnold Schulman Design Group

The quality of the gorgeous and pristine drape lifts the appeal of the entire bedroom

by jodi foster design + planning

Vivacious and colorful curtains add character to this contemporary living space
With a view like that work is indeed an absolute pleasure!

Shroud of Privacy

As we touch upon ever so briefly above, sliding glass doors bring pretty much everything to the table expect some much needed privacy. One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is by adding some beautiful curtains that can simply slide on in an instant to provide you with all the personal space that you need. Even though living rooms and dining areas might not always employ curtains for the sake of privacy, modern bedroom with sliding glass doors surely need some.

Curtains behind the television set are a wise choice as they regulate ventilation with ease

by Broadhouse Design

Add a sense of freshness to your bedroom with sliding glass doors and fancycurtains

by London Bay Homes

With even many contemporary home bathroom designs that mimic a spa-like setting using sliders, the presence of some gorgeous drapes is an absolute necessity. Unlike the more complicated blinds, you can simply tuck them away in a corner when not in use and this ensures that you get unabated views of the scenery outside in an instant.

Awesome sliding doors with large drapes that offer privacy when needed

by Hart Associates Architects

Modern bedroom with a stunning view thanks to sliding glass doors
Orange and green bedroom with interesting and innovative use of drapes

by Michael Fullen Design Group

Plush bedroom separated from the balcony using sliding glass doors

by Bilden Corp

Curtains and seat cushions in matching fabric are a nice touc for your bedroom

by Su Casa Designs

Ventilation in Moderation!

Though glass windows and sliding doors provide great natural ventilation, it can be a bit too much at times. If you live in an especially sunny location or wish to dim down the ambient natural light at some point in the day, then curtains are simply the easiest and the best option. Once again, the simplicity of usage and the ease with which you can control natural light using drapes makes them a great choice for sliding glass doors.

Beautiful and relaxing room encased in sliding glass doors along with curtains in matching tones

by Resolution: 4 Architecture

Colorful curtains and sliding glass doors separate the lively living room from the backyard

by Amoroso Design

The amount of natural light that you get within your home also depends largely on the alignment of the structure and the position of the sun throughout the day. Curtains allow you to control this aspect as you can keep constant light conditions despite changing luminosity by using them in a smart and sensible manner.

Large sliding glass doors and curtains that simply slide over to offer privacy
Exquisite bedroom exudes rich golden hues that make for warm and inviting interiors
Gorgeous drapes with a tinge of green go along well with a sliding door design as well!

by Murdock Solon Architects

Large white curtains add a touch of class to this living room with high ceiling

by Nurit Geffen-Batim Studio

Sliders with curtains make for a perfect backdrop

Elegant, Ergonomic and Energy-Efficient

Curtains not only bring along advantages such as privacy and light regulation along with them, but they also genuinely help in elevating the look of your home. While the corner next to the sliding glass doors might otherwise go unnoticed, by adding an L-shaped curtain to the area, the entire appeal of the space can be uplifted with ease. Innovations like illuminated curtain pelmets also add a inimitable dimension to the room. Drapes that come in the same hue as your décor or fabric that is similar to your couch cushions exude a sophisticated and refined atmosphere.

Curtain pelmet with lights makes for a dramatic addition

by EXIT Interior Design Studio

Roller shades combined with drapes offer ample privacy and wonderful insulation

by Cedarglen Homes

Curtains also turn your sliding glass doors into better insulators and hence aid in cutting down the power consumption of your heating or cooling systems. While they appear like simple additions that often take a backseat to the more fancy furnishings, curtains for sliding glass doors can truly uncover a whole new world of benefits for your home.

Drapes next to sliding glass doors accentuate the look of your interiors even from the outside

by E. Cobb Architects

Curtains for sliding glass doors in the living room- A view from above!
Retreat with exaggerated use of wooden surfaces along with curtains for sliding glass doors

by Bulhon Design Associates

Sliding doors set in wooden frame along with gorgeous curtains for a modern bedroom

by Urban Oasis

Use curtains to create a sense of grandeur and timeless charm

by The DesigNest

Sliding glass doors in the kitchen keep you visually connected with the backyard

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