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Visions of Violet: The Power of Purple Furniture

Violet. Eggplant. Aubergine. Lavender. Plum. These shades of purple add a regal look to a room, yet they’ve been increasingly used in sparse, modern spaces as well. Purple works well with shades of gray and brown, veering warm or cool as needed. The Moscow apartment below reveals some key elements of purple’s appeal, from its rich look to its ability to blend well with sleek, contemporary furnishings. [from Dasha Interior Design]

Moscow apartment with purple hues

Speaking of furnishings, today’s post is devoted to purple furniture finds in all of their glory! The most popular purple furnishing by far is the purple sofa, and violet sectionals are making a big splash in today’s world of interior design. While purple hues don’t quite have the trendy appeal of this fall’s bright blues, yellows and reds, we think the deeper shades of violet have real staying power. Read on for more details…

Purple Seating

We begin with purple seating, which is growing increasingly popular, thanks to a new wave of sleek sofas and sectionals. This modular sofa system from USONA blends a deep tone with a clean-lined look:

Modular purple sofa

Next we celebrate a warm gray and purple color scheme in this modern living room… Note how the shade of the sofa is understated, with a hint of dark color that perfectly complements the walls. [Photo By: Mariko Reed for California Home + Design]

Deep purple seating in a modern space

Forget subtlety for a minute! Next we see the Botao Violet Armless Sectional Chair from CB2, shown here as part of the Botao sectional. Purple and lime green are the perfect pairing. Throw in a striped ottoman for a vibrant look, and you have a winning modular combination created exclusively for CB2 in partnership with husband-and-wife design duo Robert and Cortney Novogratz:

Purple armless sectional seating

Many of today’s top purple seating finds are actually made for the outdoors! The image below features the NIDO Seat in Nylon Braid from Paola Lenti. This company currently offers a range of purple seating options in shades that range from magenta to eggplant. [from Escale Design via Houzz]

Outdoor purple furniture finds

Warm wooden tones. Cool gray construction. Modern purple seating. It’s the perfect marriage of neutrals and color. And we can’t forget the cool blue of the swimming pool… [photo by Matthew Millman via Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders]

Purple seating by the pool

Remember the purple and lime green color combo above? Once again, we see the magic of this duo in a front porch makeover from Hayneedle.com:

Purple and lime green color scheme on a front porch

Purple Desks and Tables

We now move from seating to surface tops. As a general rule, purple desks and tables are far less common than purple seating. If you want a purple table, you may need to paint it yourself, but sometimes you can find a piece that’s ready to purchase! We’re loving the purple desk in the crisp space below. Cushions in rosy shades serve as the perfect complement, don’t you think?! [from Moon Design + Build]

Purple desk in a home office

What happens to purple when the desired effect is “ultra chic”? It becomes “amethyst,” as shown in the acrylic pieces that follow. The Luminous Acrylic Desk in Amethyst from Alexandra Von Furstenberg was inspired by the grill of a car. We get inspired just looking at it…

Acrylic desk with purple accents

For a table with purple accents, check out this Brilliant Acrylic Console Table in Amethyst from Alexandra Von Furstenberg. Like the piece above (and many AVF items), this table is available in a variety of accent colors. We’re a bit smitten with the one below:

Acrylic console table in amethyst

Have you ever let an ottoman double as a table? This strategy is particularly effective for coffee tables. In the decadent space below, we see how an ottoman/table in a deep shade of purple mirrors the rich shade of the walls. [from Design Remont via Houzz]

Purple ottoman

This next item is just fabulous! Yes, you’re looking at a purple-topped pool table. We’ll call the shade eggplant. And it’s fabulous with the cool, modern tones of the space, as well as the warm wooden floor. [from Grainda Builders]

Purple pool table in a family room

Purple Accents

The items below don’t exactly fall into the furniture category, but they certainly illustrate how you can tie a purple furnishing in with the rest of your interior. Isn’t this George Wallpaper from Jonathan Adler sensational?! Retro fun with a geometric twist…

Purple geometric wallpaper from Jonathan Adler

Sometimes going with a purple-pink textile can help bring out the lavender or periwinkle shades of a space. This Stella Curtain in Sugar Plum from West Elm is made of polyester and boasts a crinkled look inspired by 1920s Fortuny-pleated fabrics…

Purple-toned curtains

Wouldn’t the deep shade of this Omni Throw in Aubergine be lovely in a room with a black and white color scheme? The blanket is made of soft polyester with a poly-suede back and fringe detail. Silky. Comfy. Decadent!

Aubergine throw

Browns, tans and purples beautifully combine in this Brennan Ikat Comforter and Sham from Pottery Barn. There’s true beauty in the way the detailed design combines with a range of rich, warm hues. And a dash of cool style!

Purple ikat bedding

We end by celebrating the power of mineral specimens. In fact, if you have a big chunk of amethyst packed away with your childhood rock collection, now is the time to dig it out and proudly put it on display! Or you can buy these Agate Coasters in purple from West Elm and give them a prominent spot in your living space…

Agate coasters in purple

You’ve seen the evidence–purple can make a strong design statement in your interior! But this powerful shade is not for everyone. People seem to have strong opinions about purple… We want to hear yours! Are you a fan? Would you ever include a purple furnishing in your space? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

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