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Autumn Preview: Retailers Begin Showcasing Fall Decor

It may seem strange to be braving 100-degree days while your favorite stores begin advertising new fall merchandise! But that’s the way things work in the world of retail. And since we at Decoist are committed to bringing you the latest interior design news, today we’re giving you a fall preview. Don’t get us wrong–we hope you’re still immersed in the lazy hazy days of the current season! Maybe you’re planning a summer party or you’re still working on adding tropical style to your home…

Today’s post doesn’t ask you to abandon those plans! Carry on! But it never hurts to take a sneak peek at the season ahead and begin pinpointing the trends that are headed our way. In fact, we’ve rounded up a slew of fall decor finds and grouped them by trend so you can see what wonders await you come September. And if you’re in the fall shopping mood, there’s no time like the present. It may be hot outside, but it’s very cool in the stores!

Fall Trend Alert: Red and Blue

The first fall trend may seem a bit surprising. After all, aren’t red and blue nautical colors of summer? Not this fall! A slew of decorative finds that feature these colors (or a combination of the two) can be found in the fall collections of multiple retailers. Below we see a stash of brand new red and blue items from CB2:

Red and blue finds from CB2

Let’s take a closer look at some of these pieces…like the Shop Red Chest, with its bright lacquered style. Gunmetal legs and a lack of hardware also give the item a unique look:

Red lacquered chest

Also from CB2 is the Discus Aqua Side Table, notable for its Y base, its petite size, and its iron powder-coated matte aqua finish. Note how the vibrant color of the piece is contrasted with the natural ash wood of the trunk…

Aqua side table with a Y base

Our final CB2 feature is the Strand Chair, which pops against the aqua room below, thanks to its brilliant red-orange hue. A handwoven cloth seat makes this piece a standout, along with its geometric iron base:

Colorful finds from CB2

Now let’s turn our attention to decorative accents in shades of red and blue. Because the items on your tables and shelves make just as big of an impact as the furniture itself! Check out the Spinwash Dinnerware from Zara Home, shown in the next featured image:

Dinnerware in red and blue

West Elm makes it easy for you to accessorize with shades of blue, thanks to their new collection of pillows. The Chain Crewel Pillow Cover in Dusty Blue (second from the top) is just one of many azure examples. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to cover your interior with hues like rust and gold…

New pillow arrivals from West Elm

Don’t forget to tie it all together with a stylish rug! Like the Kasuri Wool Dhurrie from West Elm, complete with its color-blocked pattern in shades of blue. Handwoven by Craftmark-certified artisans in India, this piece will create a modern feel in your interior.

Blue wool dhurrie rug

You can even bring red and blue style into the bedroom with the help of this Sun Bedding from Zara Home. Order a comforter cover, a flat sheet, pillowcases, or all of the above!

Blue and red patterned bedding

Fall Trend Alert: Patterned Wood

Another fall trend to be on the lookout for: patterned wood. This wood may even take the form of veneer planks, as shown with the Parquetry Nightstand from West Elm. A geometric pattern creates a Deco look that integrates color and composition in new and exciting ways…

Deco-style nightstand

Also from West Elm is the Wood Tiled 5-Drawer Dresser, which gets its name from an assortment of whitewashed wooden tiles. More of a sprinkling than a patterning of tiles, this piece manages to be bright while showcasing variety and a sense of texture…

Wooden tiles on a modern dresser

Bring on the swirl! We’re loving the mineral-like pattern of the Marbleized Scoop-Back Chair from West Elm, complete with an assortment of golds, grays and browns. One nice perk of patterned wooden furniture–you can use chairs and tables to introduce personality to your home in an unexpected way. After all, patterning isn’t just for pillows and rugs!

Marbleized chairs

Fall Trend Alert: Patchwork

On a related note, this fall is about creating interest with everyday items. Piecing together an assortment of parts to get a cohesive whole can be a challenge, but when done well, there’s nothing quite like it! For example, why purchase a solid rug when you can enjoy a patchwork rug? And we’re not talking about the look of a quilt! Think monochromatic… Like this Leather Patchwork Rug from Zara Home!

Patchwork rug

We’re also fans of the Lisboa Metal Rug from Zara Home, which offers a silver-toned approach to the patchwork style. A gray-on-gray look keeps the piece in contemporary territory, while stitching detail create a rustic feel:

Gray-toned patchwork rug

West Elm is a true leader of the patchwork look. In fact, the company’s new Patchwork Armoire features six wood finishes that truly show off the wood grain of the piece. A great way to add interest while sticking with neutral tones!

Patchwork armoire

By the way, not all patchwork finds feature neutral tones. We love the stripes of this Black and White Bargello Windmill Pillow from Jonathan Adler. With a hand-stitched wool front and a mod look, the piece adds crafty style while making a bold, contemporary statement:

Patchwork pillow with black stripes

Fall Trend Alert: A New Take on Old Patterns

Our final featured trend involves an update of some old favorites. It seems like the chevron pattern has been around forever, doesn’t it? Surely retailers are giving it a rest this fall…or are they? As it turns out, maybe a new twist is all that was needed! For example, Jonathan Adler has added a stair-step update to the chevron pattern with his Green and Navy Stepped Chevron Kilim Rug, as shown below:

Chevron stair-step rug

We’ve been fans of the scale pattern for awhile now, especially since it often boasts a unique Deco look. Designers like Jonathan Adler have embraced this pattern, and it still appears to be going strong. We love the way this Cushion Cover from H&M Home takes it to a 3-D level with an imitation leather facade that invites each scale to jump from the surface…

Scale pattern pillow

The honeycomb pattern has captured our attention for the last few seasons, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere! Especially when it’s been given a fresh start with gray and white color blocking, as shown with this Ponti Bath Rug from Jonathan Adler

Honeycomb pattern rug

Which fall trend is your favorite? Are a fan of red and blue? Do you enjoy the unexpected surprise of patterned wooden pieces? Or perhaps you prefer the patchwork look! Are you inspired by the upcoming season’s update of tried and true patterns? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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