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Glamorous Moscow Apartment Sizzles With Sophisticated Style

When it comes to urban settings, space is the ultimate luxury. Yet, a smart designer can make most of what is available and create compelling and lavish interiors. Nestled in an affluent complex of Sparrow Hills in Moscow, this stylish modern apartment was designed with trendy semi-minimalism by Alexandra Fedorova. Utilizing an area of 60 square meters to the hilt, the apartment incorporates a few savvy space-saving features and exquisite décor to effortlessly combine luxury with ergonomic design.

Minimalist Sparrow Hills apartment in Moscow

Clad in a cool color scheme, the entire apartment sports a pleasing palette of colors with grays, browns and white dominating the space. Clean and well defined lines of design and furnishings usher in the touch of minimalism, while cozy surfaces and comfortable décor pamper your senses. Utilizing a multitude of textures in a cohesive fashion, one can come across warm wooden tones, acrylic ghost chairs, cool glass coffee table and rich leather ottomans.

Audrey Hepburn print in the living room

Living room of small Moscow Apartment

Plush decor in the apartment

Hint of natural green in the living room

Natural light floods into the living space

Sectional sofa and wall art

Lighting is the key element for creating an interior with glitz and panache. The allure of this exclusive space is accentuated by a combination of diverse lighting sources. Both pendant lights and the table lamps continue the sleek and understated theme. Charming recessed lighting offers an additional layer of illumination.

Cool acrylic chairs at the breakfast nook

Kitchen of the minimalst home

Stylish floating shelf in white

Hint of glossy metal on the coffee table

Glass doors lead into the bedroom

A modern kitchen in lacquered white shines through gleefully even as the small breakfast nooks steals the show with its space-saving design. The space-conscious bedroom and the spa-like bath are encased in glass with pristine white drapes providing the necessary privacy. A large wooden partition between the bedroom and the living area doubles as a beautiful art display.

Chic, cool and classy, black and white prints of Audrey Hepburn and Charlie Chaplin add Hollywood glamor to the refined space.

White curtains for the shower and the bathtub

Relaxing modern bath area

Contemporary bathroom with opulent bathtub

View of the common area

Entrance to the Moscow apartment

Lobby of the apartment leading to the flat

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