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Top Color Trends For Fall 2013

Fall has well and truly arrived and with Halloween just looming around the corner, it is time to brace up for the long Holiday Season ahead. Obviously this time of the year brings along with it plenty of joy for those who love to decorate their home with incredible care. With most of fall and winter keeping you busy with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year festivities, now is the time to give your interior a bright and vibrant new look for the season ahead. Color obviously plays the most important role in this fabulous makeover.

Purple and white stripes showcase a refined setting

The colors of fall 2013 are all about being bold, stylish and bring along with them rich warmth. Most of the tones are deep jewel tones that add ample color and loads of fun to the interior. Combined with the latest trends from the world of interior design, here is a selection of five shades that are all set to steal the show this fall.

Stunning high gloss red dining table is an instant show stopper!

by Imagine Living

Silver coupled with grey gives the bedroom a luxurious look
Balanced use of red in the bedroom

by Arthouse Baku

Subtle hints of Fuchsia placed throughout the open living area

by Romanza Interior Design

Purple Reigns Supreme!

We have always been fond of the regal and majestic look that purple brings along with it. While each design expert picks his or her own favorite shade of purple, you are free to choose one that fits your own desires best. Whether it is majestic Royal Purple or the gentle Thistle, cool lavender or vibrant violet, the color immediately adds sophistication and a refined contemporary look, Purple has always been associated with luxury and opulence and a hint of purple in the bedroom instantly lifts the vibe of the room.

Modern bedroom with plush purple tones
Hard to find a more sophisticated dining room with purple accents!

by Last Detail Interior Design

The elegance and affluence of purple is unmatched. Taking over interiors across the world this fall, purple in its many hues and shades can be an equally appealing color once the chill of winter sets in. This obviously makes going with purple a sensible choice. Use it to create a new accent walls or usher it in by adding a few throw pillows. Purple continues its reign at the top of the interior design color palette.

Sleek contemporary living room with semi-minimalism

by usona

Bold colors become all the more prominent when set against neutral backdrops

by Niki Papadopoulos

Accent couch adds purple to a stylish space
Use bold colors in multiple spots to create visual symmetry
Lamp shades add to the purple hues of the bedroom

by Window Works

Passionate Ruby Red

Red is another great color for the season. If you think about it, the color makes perfect sense as a fall shade that goes into winter. The color brings passion and energy to any room that it graces.  Borrowed from the hues of a rich ruby, you will see the benefits of incorporating the beautiful red vibes once the time for Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive. Remember though, that the flavor of the season is audacious and rich colors. Do not opt for the jaded and toned down shades of red that will end up ruining the joyous appeal of the season.

Red chaise adds class to the living room

by Rikki Snyder

Fabric accents allow you easily to change your rooms’ hues with changing trends

by Focal Point Styling

Try out a few daring combinations of red with greens and yellows or use it sporadically in a modern home with a neutral backdrop. You will soon realize that the bright and deep red combines well with a lot more colors that you think.

Glossy red kitchen cabinets combined with industrial design

by Inform Interiors

Silken drapes usher in an opulent look

by Regina Sturrock Design

Contemporary bedroom with ample natural ventilation

by Florense USA

Accent wall in red lights up the living room

by Beth Whitlinger Interior Design

Grey is the new White

Seems like there has been a whole new interest in the color grey since the 50 Shades of Grey flew off of book shelves! Grey offers a nice variation from the usual pristine white that is used as a canvas to paint lovely interiors. Pick a lovely and light tone of grey as the darker ones are often harder to work with. Considering the selection of beautiful and jewel-toned colors that we have on offer for this fall,  grey is indeed the color that can play the perfect backdrop for them all. With lush and radiant hues popping out of a stress-free grey backdrop, you can rest assured that you have the perfect look.

China plates arrangement against a charcoal gray wall

by Jane Lockhart Interior Design

Bedroom in grey with sunny yellow splashes spread around

by Michelle Hinckley

Lighting is an essential factor that you need to be careful with, if smart and sleek grey becomes a part of your home’s interior. Wrong lighting can easily create a dingy and damp look, which looks all the more unpleasant during fall and winter. Combine an array of floor lamps, table lights and recessed lighting fixtures to create a vibrant look.

Dark grey makes quite an impact in this dining area
Navy blue accents in a Grey living room
Multiple shades of grey combined with brown and white
Smart combination of grey and lavender

Natural Moss Green

Emerald has been one of the sparkling gems of 2013 interior color selections. But, we believe it is time to be bolder and stray away from the conventional. How about revving that green up a notch of two with the nice Olive Green? This lovely shade of green is making quite an impact even in the world of fashion, with some of the big names in the industry turning towards that vivid natural green look. The new chic, Moss Green is another sensible addition as it will come pretty handy once the festive decorations start coming out of the attic.

Green and white help create a luxury retreat vibe in the bedroom

by vi360 photography

Soothing bedroom with fresh green shades spread all around

by Amy Lau Design

One can pair most greens with bright red to create a classic combination with a trendy twist or use it along with Fuchsia for a calming natural vibe. It works well as a standalone color as well and should serve you well even beyond this fall and winter.

Green, grey and fuchsia – This room has a bit of everything!

by Eileen Kathryn Boyd

Understated elegance of this fabulous bedroom promise a perfect morning!

by Susan Kennedy Design

Add lovely Olive Green to the kitchen easily with stools and seating options

by Turn Collaborative

Eclectic living room with a lovely blend of colors

Fresh and Vivacious Fuchsia

We did predict a long time back that Fuchsia was soon going to be one of the hot and trendy colors of interior design. And seemingly, that time has arrived. With clean and contemporary lines and muted tones dominating contemporary home designs, Fuchsia is the perfect shade to light it all up. Thanks to its intense presence, the color is best used in moderation. Make sure that the backdrop is as uncluttered and neutral as possible, to highlight your Fuchsia accents elegantly.

Stylish living room in white and chic Fuchsia
Fuchsia combined with green for a fresh fall look

by Beckwith Interiors

If you want drama, freshness and a touch of playfulness to come together, the Fuchsia is the shade for you. Pick a shade that is as close to the hues of a natural Fuchsia flower. Couple it with some natural greens and you have a cheerful and spirited look; borrowed from nature.

Combine two bold colors in an unexpected manner
Trendy pops of fuchsia in a uber-cool kids’ bedroom
Colorful Womb chair in Fuchsia
Rugs and carpets allow you to easily switch between the hot colors of the season!

by Jenerik Images Photography

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