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Visions of Scarlet: Bold Red Furniture Finds

It happens almost everyday when I wear my red shoes… Several people stop me and say, “I love those! Where did you get them?!” Yes, when we make a bold statement with a scarlet hue, we get noticed. And the same thing goes for our homes. In fact, I get the same type of compliments on the red nesting tables that sit beside my bed. There’s just something about the way they pop against the green-blue accent wall of my bedroom.

Today we celebrate our love for the color red by featuring a selection of images that show the true power of this bold hue, as well as its design potential. Sure, you could paint a room in your home red. But if that’s not an option or you’d rather leave the walls white, you can also buy a piece of furniture in this radiant color! Red, one of this fall’s top colors, is a great way to make a dramatic statement. And as you’ll see, a little goes a long way… Happy browsing!

Red Furnishings That Inspire

Let’s start with a little inspiration. Below you will find images of rooms featuring red furnishings… Just like a woman in a red dress can light up a room, a chair upholstered in red leather can be the true focal point of your interior. Use it as the one bright spot in your space, or combine it with other rich tones, as shown in the room below… [from Nicole Lanteri, On My Agenda]

Red chairs in a modern living room

White walls, light wood, red chairs… Delicious! In fact, red is a popular color for dining chairs and kitchen stools. There’s something about this color that stimulates the appetite. Maybe it’s because furniture covered in red looks good enough to eat! [from Resolution: 4 Architecture]

Red chairs around a wooden dining table

Did we mention that red is particularly stunning in rooms with white, gray and black accents? Below we see how one small clean-lined red coffee table can steal the show in a modern space. Note how the blue tones of the contemporary artwork are a wonderful contrast to the fiery hue of the table. [from Houzz]

Bright red coffee table

Speaking of red coffee tables, the result can be just as stunning when the red comes from a mere outline. Below we see how three glass tables lined in red metal form a bright centerpiece for this vintage-meets-modern living space. Yellow and green are other prominent colors in the room, and the combination is radiant against the backdrop of white walls. [from Kailey J. Flynn Photography via Houzz]

Trio of red tables

Nothing makes work more interesting like a vibrant red desk! Our eyes are drawn to the desk in this next featured room. Perhaps painting your desk red will have a magnetic effect, drawing you to your work space for the most productive of sessions… [from J. Tallman Builders]

Red desk in a light and airy space

Don’t forget that combining red with other vivid shades can be absolutely stunning! Notice how turquoise walls mix with the desk below for one unforgettable vignette. Wispy white curtains break up the color and soften the effect. [from Product Bureau]

Red desk against a blue wall

Red Furnishings To Acquire

From inspiration to action… If you’re in the mood to take action, we’ve rounded up some amazing red furniture finds below! And no, they don’t all break the bank. In fact we’ve included some DIY projects that will inspire you to take matters into your own hands. Let’s start with those! This Dining Set Makeover from Sarah Greenman shows how spray paint and a few other supplies can completely transform your seating. And all for $65! [via Houzz]

Red chair DIY

Yes, a little paint can really get the job done! This DIY painted desk tutorial from Effortless Style takes you through a thorough explanation of how to transform a desk into a beautifully painted finished product. And it’s no accident that this desk is red! We’re loving the way a white outlined effect is created when nothing but the drawers are painted…

DIY desk makeover

For a quick and easy DIY project involving a bright dose of red, check out this fun Red Stool Makeover from Craptastic. Yes, it takes just minutes to transform a small furnishing into a lovely red showpiece, thanks to a can of spray paint and a little determination…

Red spray painted stool makeover

If you’d rather buy a red showpiece than make one, this last bunch of furnishings is for you, complete with helpful links to purchasing information! Swanky yet minimalist, the Triumph Red Lounge Chair from CB2 features a hot-rod hue, cushioned bonded leather and a tubular steel frame. Purchase one or buy a pair! As you can see, sometimes more is more…

Red lounge chairs

For a true statement chair, check out the Steel-Armed Bend Chair in Persimmon from West Elm, featuring a frame made from a single piece of stainless steel. Buttonless tufting on the back of the chair adds true character, although this piece doesn’t need much help standing on its own!

Steel-armed persimmon chair


You know how you just love that favorite sweater? The way it embraces you with its warm fabric, the way it welcomes you with its vibrant color… We get a similar vibe from the Strand Chair from CB2, complete with cotton fabric that’s dyed red-orange, ripped into one-inch strips, twisted into a cord, then woven into a checkerboard pattern. And we’re loving the results!:

Red-orange handwoven chair

From red-orange to beet red… It’s the Vienna Beet Side Chair from Crate & Barrel, shown here with a variety of counterparts that range from black to yellow! Produced in one of the original Thonet bentwood chair factories and based on an 1859 design, this item has history as well as style.

Side chairs from Crate & Barrel

For a furnishing that’s also a true conversation piece, say hello to the Fuel Red Credenza from CB2. Not only does it have plenty of surface-top space and storage, it features an eye-catching lobster red lacquer:

Red credenza

It’s compact and modern. It has three drawers. It’s the Shop Red Chest from CB2, which stands out thanks to the perfect dose of red lacquer…

Red lacquer chest

Look a little closer, and you’ll see a hint of red in this beautifully weathered piece. And that’s why they call it the Andover Cabinet in a Weathered Red Finish! Available through Pottery Barn, this item has a layered look that evokes a sense of history and style. Also note that the drawers are both real and faux.

Weathered red cabinet

We end with a piece that is useful and stylish. It’s the Cramer® Kik-Step® Red Stool from Crate & Barrel, modeled after the classic library stool. Non-skid treads and rubber bumpers make it a truly practical piece. A steel red frame gives this item a powerful punch. After all, even the most functional of items can celebrate the boldest of colors!

Red stool

Do you have a favorite red find from today’s post? Or maybe you have a DIY project idea involving radiant red! Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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