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Organize Your Space with DIY Bookshelves

So many books, so many collectibles, so little room… If you’re short on shelf space, this post is for you, especially if you feel like getting creative and taking matters into your own hands! A few days ago we showcased DIY desk ideas, and today we continue to celebrate the do-it-yourself spirit with a collection of bookshelf projects that highlight the best in modern style. Check them out, then tell us about your favorites by leaving a comment at the end of the post…

Build These DIY Bookshelves

One of the most popular DIY bookshelf projects on the internet involves the use of ladders. It’s as easy as balancing planks of on the steps of a couple of ladders and voila–you have a finished product that is ready to go without the use of tools or complex assembly directions. If you want to take it up a notch, try securing the ladders to the wall, but hang them upside down. The planks can still be easily balanced this way, and the end result catches you a bit off guard in the best possible way! [from Planting Happiness]

Bookshelf made from ladders

Or you can get really creative by purchasing a couple of vintage coffee tables. Cut them in half, then secure them to the wall! Remember that you can always paint the tables to give them a fresh look. Either way, this innovative approach bring a dash of the unexpected to your space. [from Indulgy via Revedecor]

Bookshelf of vintage tables

Many of today’s most popular DIY bookshelf projects involve galvanized pipes. The Industrial Rustic Bookshelf celebrates this design choice, along with the use of reclaimed wood for an earthy warmth. Check out the full tutorial at HGTV:

Bookshelf of wood and galvanized piping

This next DIY bookshelf idea involves the use of small wooden pieces cut block-style and stacked one on top of the other to form supports for planks. A variety of colors helps to create visual variety. [from interiordiva]

Bookshelf with wooden blocks

For a smaller-scales shelf project that is every bit as stylish as its larger counterparts, check out this Wood & Leather Suspended Shelf, crafted from a whitewood board, leather straps and more. Clever details make this project extra special… Note the way the ends of the shelf have been spray painted gold, as well as the use of two brass flathead screws add another metallic touch. For a full DIY, head over to Camille Styles!

Wood and leather shelf

Try These DIY Bookshelf Makeovers

If you’re up for a DIY project but you don’t want to build your bookshelves from scratch, this next section from A Beautiful Mess might grab your interest… There’s nothing like putting a personal stamp on an already-built piece! Our first featured bookshelf makeover has a sentimental touch. In fact, this Family Photo Bookshelf Project features beloved family pics that have been enlarged to fill the backs of the shelving. Double-sided tape does the trick when it comes to securing them. A lovely, unique statement, don’t you think?!

Family photo bookshelf project

We know…you can’t look to your left or right without seeing another chevron pattern. But somehow this one seems fresh and interesting, thanks to its placement over slatted shelving. Spray paint and a roll of painter’s tape get the job done. The result has a tribal vibe, doesn’t it?! For a full tutorial, head on over to Ten June

Bookshelf makeover with a chevron print

DIY makeovers are fun precisely because a little bit of time can get you very far. How else would you explain the appeal of this DIY 10 Minute Bookshelf Makeover from Regale? The secret to their success? Wrapping paper secured with double-sided mounting squares! Not to mention, this super affordable bookshelf came from Target. Such a chic modern look that’s totally possible for even the most budget conscious of DIY enthusiasts…

Geometric bookshelf makeover

Another easy makeover idea? Let the washi tape be your friend. This doable DIY bookcase makeover involves adding a vibrant border of pink lace washi tape. The results are bold, feminine and stylishly neon. For more details, visit Domestic Goddesque…

Washi tape bookshelf makeover

We end with a bookshelf project that’s as easy as a fresh coat of paint… Because sometimes it’s just that simple. Especially when you have a little help from a can of Annie Sloane Chalk Paint! For more pics of this lovely update, head on over to This Blonde Bee

Repainted bookshelf

Now it’s your turn to tell us about your bookshelf DIY project ideas… At the very least, let us know if any of today’s featured DIYs caught your eye. Share a comment below!

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