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Shaded To Perfection: Elegant Pergola Designs For The Modern Home

If you are thinking about extending your home’s interior beyond the obvious four walls, a pergola is a great way to add style and panache. The pergola has been around for quite a few centuries now. So terming the renaissance of this classic as a comeback might be going a tad bit too far. At its core, the pergola is simply a row of vertical pillars that usually supports additional cross-beams on the top. Creating a bridge between a completely closed exterior and an open patio or deck space, the pergola is a wonderful extension of your contemporary home.

Picture-perfect pergola offers ample privacy – You might never want to leave this one!

by Sean Papich Landscape Architecture

Many will tell you that building your own pergola is pretty easy and can be done with basic carpentry skills. Since, some of us are not that gifted, we cannot actually vouch for that either way. But the most simple pergola designs are not all that hard to replicate and with many DIY projects and custom-designed pergola kits around, you are never short of options.

Browse through some of these fabulous pergola models and you might be well tempted to add one to your backyard or terrace as well. Adding drama and a sense of sophistication, it might be the one missing link that turns your patio into a soothing and luxurious little personal getaway!

A contemporary twist to the traditional pergola design
Breezy vinyl pergola is a perfect match for homes next to the beach!

by Simply Arbors

Gorgeous pergola with a cool retractable roof

by Corradi

Fireplace creates an instant focal point in the pergola design

by Christian Rice Architects

Stunning green landscape with waterfalls and pergola

by Uncommon Ground Design Group

Modern curved pergola in white

by modern solutions

Beautiful outdoor dining space under the pergola
Sleek pergola design for the contemporary porch with ocean views

by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

The Missing Piece in your Outdoor Experience

When we talk of stunning pergolas, the free-standing design next to the pool is the one that deserves a mention right at the top. While the style of the pergola and its canopy might vary, the visual of a beautiful and open structure with possibly some comfy fabric added to it brings the images of an exotic luxury retreat in a far away land! The cool Mediterranean style in pristine white is becoming especially popular in this regard. A pergola can be crafted from wood, stone or other artificial material. But make sure that the design of the structure is a continuation of your home and its general vibe.

Snazzy pergola has a Medieval charm thanks to the fiery additions!

by Edmunds Studios Photography

Looks like a postcard from a trip to Europe!

by McKinney Photography

Hot tub under the pergola – For a revitalizing dip!

by Fine Decks

The trim work on the pergola gives it its unique appeal. Add stylish canopy fabric to induce a more breezy and trendy appeal. If you love the sight of hanging vines and are a gardening aficionado, then a green canopy top surely has a charm of its own. If you are short on space, a simple structure that extends from your home’s exterior works as well.

Structure of the home acts as support on one side of the pergola


How about adding a few sprinklers to the pergola?

by Coronado Stone Products

Design of the pergola blends in with the remainder of the deck
Fabric instantly softens the look of the pergola

by Blacksheep

Curved pergolas offer geometric contrast to the facade of your home

by Farinelli Construction

Mediterranean styled pergola sizzles in white

by appleton-architects

Pergolas help provide form to the outdoor dining area

by The Taunton Press

Plethora of Design Styles

Pergola designs vary immensely and you can always opt for a new look by combining individual elements of different styles. A modern sunroof pergola is a simple extension that gives additional shade to your home and keeps it cool on hot summer days. The standalone Tuscany pergola lies on the other side of the spectrum with intricately carved stone pillars, plush wooden trellis and décor that match the structure to perfection. Borrowed from Italian Renaissance gardens, the more classic designs also double up as beautiful walkways with a curved and vine-covered top.

Custom-designed pool and spa in the backyard

by London Bay Homes

Elegant outdoor living space
Intricately carved stone pillars bring some classic charm

Modern pergolas go well beyond the simple stone and wood creations, Savvy designs crafted in vinyl, aluminum and other lightweight materials are quickly gaining popularity. Amalgamating a casual and contemporary atmosphere with the magic of a traditional pergola outline, these are both easy to install and maintain.

Simple patio pergola with fireplace at its heart – For those romantic evenings outdoors!

by hurricane fence New Orleans

Minimalist’s take on the classic pergola design

by susan devall designs

Woven bamboo brings images of exotic oriental design

by David Howell Design

There are a seemingly unlimited number of pergola styles and designs available. With each home owner having his own specific pergola demands, a ‘one size fits all’ solution is definitely not the ideal choice. Even with a basic pergola structure, one can easily alter its theme and mood by changing the decor, accessories and lighting.

Stylish pergola design looks all the more appealing thanks to the fabric accents

by Clifford M. Scholz Architects

Traditional deck with a beautiful pergola

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Classy Mediterranean estate with a beautiful pergola
Natural vines provide both shade and style to the pergola
Fabulous trim work of the pergola blends with the facade of the residence

by Pedersen Associates

Pergolas work brilliantly in relatively small backyards as well

by Verdance Fine Garden Design

Rainwater channeled through pipes to create artificial waterfalls in the pergola

by Castanes Architects PS

Extend your Indoor Living Space with Style

Casual outdoor lounge and dining spaces are all the rave currently. Since most of our parties seem to start after sun-downer, the pergola with smart seating, a warm fireplace and a dining table setup doubles up as a cool and convenient outdoor party area. Simple pergola designs can be added to terraces and deck area next to the pool without too much hassle. Remember that the pergola need not cover the area in entirety. This actually helps craft a multifunctional and ergonomic space that is both aesthetic and useful.

Even modern pergolas in the garden can use a hint of natural green

by Lencioni Construction

Contemporary fireplace next to the pergola reminds us of the Olympic spirit!

by Peter A. Sellar

There is nothing like adding a sleek modern fireplace to the pergola. This instantly becomes the focal point as you arrange your outdoor furnishings around the fireplace. Pergolas are not designed to provide complete shelter. It is in fact, this sense of openness that gives them their exclusive appeal. Yet, for those concerned about additional privacy, lovely fabric drapes or even customized shutters get the job done.

Lovely pergola walkway next to the house
Exquisite pool and pergola design with some amazing lighting!

by Suite 102

Cool pergola provides plenty of shade as you enjoy the lovely view

by Begrand Fast Design

Penthouse porch with a ingenious pergola-inspired design

by Frederick Gibson + Associates Architecture

This balcony pergola is an extension of the basic home edifice
Smart pergola design that connects it with the pool house visually

by Ron Herman Landscape Architect

White cushions and deck space offer a lovely contrast to the dark wood of the pergola

by Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

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