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37 Garden Art Design Inspirations To Decorate Your Backyard In Style!

Modern design and architecture have ensured that the line between interiors and the exterior is both transparent and at times blurred. This is a welcome trend indeed as extravagant use of glass in contemporary structures has ensured that green is once again ‘in’. No longer are home owners and architects interested in the ‘concrete structures’ alone. The good old garden is alive, thriving and re-inventing itself in a whole new form.

From sophisticated residences in the heart of busy Manhattan to lavish villas in Melbourne, a lush green garden is as popular an addition as ever.

Stunning horse sculptures make a fascinating addition to this distinctive garden

While nature always takes center stage in the garden, you can always accentuate the look by adding amazing art pieces that bring a unique and inimitable flavor to your backyard. From the extravagant to the understated, from Japanese stone arrangements to Inca-inspired motif, the sky is the limit. Here are some art inspirations that bring creativity and individuality to your cherished backyard

A classic stone lantern can give your garden an Oriental touch
Amazing terra-cotta 3D mural wall gives the garden an artistic and earthen touch

by Rama Ananth

Checkboard of grass and concrete is a work of art in itself that draws ample attention

by Thomas Kyle

Antique boy and goose fountain brings in the classic and timeless appeal
Improvised Stonehenge for your garden!
Statue of Buddha surrounded by some colorful canopy
Appropriate metal sculpture placed in the right spot

Balance Between Nature and Art

An essential principle one needs to remember at the very outset when it concerns adding art installations to your garden is to not overdo it at any point. Your backyard is a space where you still essentially want nature to play the lead role. Whatever you add to this setting must complement the serene or even spectacular green canopy. But that is all it can and should do. Never clutter your garden with too much. Sometimes a single art installation such as an interesting statue or even a bird house will do.

Traditional home garden with multilevel bird bath

by Paul Moon Design

Trough-like fountain spouts turn flowing water into a sculptural delight

by Charles McClure

Terraced planters and a living wall make for fine garden art installations in an urban setting

by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

Ensure that the harmony is never disturbed and your blooming plants and busy creepers stay in the spotlight at all times. The right art installation for your garden could be at times something as simple as a spiral of cleverly arranged stones!

Stylish Asian garden with compact design and a stone lantern at its heart

by SRM Architecture and Interiors

Stunning work of art forms the centerpiece of this large garden
Smart use of wagon wheels to create a distinct and natural landscape

by Gates & Croft Horticultural Design

Salvaged industrial fan gives this garden a rustic and unique look

by Barbara Cannizzaro

Open rock area with sculptural balls complements all the green around it elegantly

by Frank & Grossman

Artistic urn overflowing with blooms of white roses makes for a delightful art addition

by Grace Design Associates

Beautiful pathway of stones and a gorgeous plinth with a bowl on top standout in this garden

by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

A Touch of Personalization

One interesting trend that is quickly developing is the ‘personalization’ of garden accessories and even art work. The idea here is pretty basic and works very well with almost every garden. You have an art installation or even a garden accessory that is custom-crafted for your garden alone. This gives the garden a sense of uniqueness while also giving you a greater say in what you exactly wish to place in your garden and where it needs to be put. A personalized creation works as well in your garden as they do for you home interiors; it shows that you care enough to put in the extra effort.

Greek urns help in creating a fountain with creativity galore

by Kelley & Company Home

Art installations from a sculpture garden that fit well in a natural setting as well
Custom designed succulent wall makes for a perfect addition to any natural setting

by BlueGreen Landscape Design

A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches trust.

DIY Eclectic art addition to the garden you can craft with relative ease

by Between Naps on the Porch

Cone of stones tucked away beautifully in bright red foliage can be appealing art pieces as well
Guitar Garden- An art installation that is crafted out of the landscape itself!

by Garrett Churchill Inc

Interesting sculpture and modern decor combine to blend form with functionality

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Mounted head planters make for beautiful art installations that double up easily

by Jill Asher

Garden art installation that is a minimalist’s delight
Gorgeous classical bowl on a substantial pedestal placed to perfection

by Johnsen Landscapes & Pools

Aesthetics Clubbed with Ergonomics

Since many home owners are spending more and more time outside in the garden, it makes sense to bring in a touch or ergonomics to the space as well. What you might see as a simple garden bench or even a retaining wall can be turned into a work of art with the right imagination and creativity. This not only makes for pleasing aesthetics, but also allows you to have a more pleasurable and comfortable time in your backyard. Art installations should never hinder the flowing functionality of the garden. It is all about standing out while blending in!

Lighting can play a key role in creating a beautiful garden after sunset

by Bernard Andre Photography

Elegant way to bring in some lovely symmetry to your backyard

by KarlGercens

Elaborate art installation for a Japanese Garden

by Charles McClure

Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas. No matter what the synthetic additions are, it will always be the nature that will take center stage.

Lovely way to create a picture perfect garden

from Apartment Therapy

Garden art perfect for a desert or arid environment

by JSL Exteriors Landscape Design

Giant spheres offer a contemporary twist to garden art in a minimalist setting

by H. Keith Wagner Partnership

Living wall planter perfect for small gardens

by Bright Green

Metallic tunnel makes for a visually distinct addition to your garden

by Randy Thueme Design Inc

Seating area in colors that blend well with green makes for a useful art installation

by Carole Meyer

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