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Murphy Bed Design Ideas: Smart Solutions For Small Spaces

The innovative Murphy bed goes by quite a few names. Irrespective of how you wish to call it, the pull-down or wall bed is one the best ways to save up on some precious space. Multitasking is the in thing of these times. With modern homes and studio apartments sporting small rooms that often need to double up in function, the Murphy bed is a perfect solution. The ergonomic bed ensures that your home’s interior multitasks with amazing ease and inimitable style. Perfectly safe thanks to the ever-evolving technology, modern Murphy beds bring in as much sizzle and style as space-consciousness.

Chocolate Apple Murphy Bed Unit – As gorgeous as the view outside!

by Tailored Living

William Lawrence Murphy was the man behind the first modern Murphy bed design. To skirt existing moral code of early 1900s that frowned upon a woman entering a man’s bedroom, good old Murphy used the ingenious design to change his bedroom into a parlor! (All great stories do revolve around beautiful women.) The rest, as they say, is history. Here are a few fabulous Murphy bed ideas and inspirations that should tempt you to bring one home as well. Tuck in for some audacious transformations –

Poppi Ponte horizontal space saving Murphy bed

from Resource Furniture

Beautiful shelves and lighting accentuate the appeal of the Murphy bed unit

by Ample DESIGN

Double up your bedroom as a stylish work space

by Jerry Bussanmas

Horizontal Murphy bed seems an elegant alternative to the traditional design

by The Interior Place

Simple and stylish Murphy bed idea for the smart home office

by Tailored Living

Sliding door and Murphy bed create a bedroom out of an open niche

by Art of Construction

Beautiful shelves and lighting accentuate the appeal of the Murphy bed unit
Savvy custom wall unit with integrated twin Murphy beds and storage units

by Radius Architectural Millwork

Let the Magic Unfold!

There are plenty of directions you can explore while picking a Murphy bed that fits your home’s unique floor plan and needs. While most Murphy bed designs use a vertical orientation, the horizontal style looks equally cool and is perfect for narrow rooms. One can also opt for stylish sliding cabinet doors instead of the more conventional fold-out form. Here are a few Murphy beds in action, that might give you an ingenious idea or two –

Modern living area featuring the rock legend Kurt Cobain
Morphs into a sleek and stylish bedroom thanks to the Murphy bed!

by Studio Becker- Bespoke Cabinetry and Millwork

This custom designed Murphy bed unit brings together iconic imagery and imaginative ergonomics. The art wall featuring Curt Cobain slides away to reveal a double bed and also a few handy shelves. A perfectly placed sliding partition completes the transformation.

Funky and colorful work space…
Turned into a chic and trendy bedroom!

by Min | Day Architects

Here is a more contemporary and colorful take on the Murphy bed. The perforated sliding wall in white moves over to reveal the comfy bed. A stylish work space at the other end serves you well during daytime.

Smart Murphy Bed all tucked in neatly!
Stylish space-saving addition to the kids’ bedroom

by cupid21479

Colorful kids’ bedrooms are a wonderful choice for the Murphy bed. The playfulness of the bed plays into the theme perfectly. Since kids’ beds need not be queen size, a horizontal styled single bed works well in such situations. The additional shelf space that this design brings is obviously added bonus.

Here is an innocent looking cabinet in the home office…
And now it opens up to show its true colors!

by Valet Custom Cabinets & Closets

We love this design for the uncomplicated elegance that it brings. It is simple at its core and yet looks stunning when executed right. This smart home office is pretty limited on space. It typifies the conundrum faced by many of us when utilizing limited space. Recessed lighting and wall art combine to deliver the ideal Murphy bed solution.

Combining Elegance and Ergonomics

Contemporary bedroom with Murphy Bed flanked by bookshelves
Looks even more stunning once the bed is out

by More Space Place

If you love sleek minimalism with neutral tones, then this is the Murphy bed for you. The gray sliding doors also add textural contrast to the room. Lovely shelves and a sleek bed design combine to drive home the modern minimalist overtones.

A simple bench next to the window takes over during the day
Recessed lighting within the Murphy Bed unit

by denouement

Murphy beds are not for the fashionable modern spaces alone. This eclectic home uses the Murphy bed to make use of the forgotten corner next to the window. The position of the expose brick wall creates an ideal little slot for the Murphy bed wall unit. Clad in wooden hues that match the room’s walls, the drop-down bed maximizes the space on offer.

Murphy bed wall unit with an in-built TV
Out comes the hidden bed to transform the room

by Crisp Architects

This is one of those interesting design that has a television combined with the wall unit of the Murphy bed. Sliding doors mean that once the bed is out, viewing the television is not an option. (At least not all of it) But the alignment of the bed probably does not make for comfortable TV viewing anyway.

Can you spot where the Murphy bed is hidden?
Colorful kids’ bedroom with twin Murphy beds – Did you get it right?

by cupid21479

A kids’ bedroom with two Murphy beds is not too hard to design. Since these are small single beds, a spacious room can easily house a couple. We were expecting a third Murphy bed to pop out of the large yellow unit on the left of the image as well. Guess not!

Spacious home office during day
Twin Murphy bunk beds take over at night!

by Caden Design Group

There is plenty to like about this home office. For starters, we are big fans of classic décor pieces like the Eames Lounger that makes an appearance when the beds are hidden away. The bunk bed design coupled with the Murphy bed style is a double-edged sword when it comes to saving up on foot room.

Contemporary Kits and Plans

From creating overnight guest rooms to adding additional sleeping quarters, the Murphy beds seem to work like a charm. Most modern units come with a variety of features and accessories. While some kits bring in elegant home office setups along with the bed, others use sleek bookshelves to accentuate the wall behind the bed. More audacious design incorporates television sets and you can always create a custom Murphy bed plan with the help of a top-notch architect or design firm. The best thing about many of these contemporary designs is that most guests will never know what is hidden in the shelf till the doors slide open.

Refreshing green addition to the gray Murphy bed unit

by R. D. Sherrill

Space saving kit with Murphy Beds ideal for compact studio apartments

by Normal Projects

Cool cottage styled Murphy bed in blue and white

by Becki Peckham

Ergonomic Murphy bed wall unit with an integrated kitchen

by Building Lab

Home office that doubles up as a guest room with ease
Murphy Bed wall unit provides ample storage space in the kids’ bedroom

by Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design

A Little Something for the Pawed Friends

Cool Murphy bed designs are obviously not for you alone. Your little (and big) pet buddies can also enjoy the delights of the pull-down bed. Yesterday, we looked some stony décor inspirations that included an ultra-cute cat. Our pawed buddies obviously have expressed disappointment over being overlooked. So here is a little something to keep them happy as well! These daft fold-out delights are available on pre-order.

Luna – Murphy Bed for your pet!

by murphyspawdesign

Murphy pet beds are both elegant and functional

from The Green Head

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