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10 DIY Yarn Art Ideas for a Creative Touch

Wondering what to do with that big empty space on your wall? I know the feeling! I recently moved, and when it came time to fill a very large accent wall, there were only so many framed posters I could hang. So… I began exploring the world of yarn art, likely derived from the smaller retro string art creations made from thread and nails (or pins). The large version does well in expansive spaces, especially since the thickness of yarn can pair with the placement of nails to create a 3-D art installation beyond compare…

So what’s new in the world of yarn wall art? Plenty! In fact, these creations are easier to make than they look. Which makes them a great way to fill the space and impress your house guests. And if you think all yarn art looks alike, think again! The DIY projects below prove just how varied these art projects can be. So take a look, and if you discover your next creative endeavor, let us know by leaving a comment at the end of the post.

Off-the-Wall DIY Yarn Art Projects

We begin with yarn art projects that can be created off the wall, then positioned as you wish. Because sometimes it’s just a bit less scary to create those nail holes on something that can be easily removed from your home’s interior if things don’t go as planned! The key to yarn art: creating a shape with nails, then criss-crossing with the yarn to create an intricate form. We love the neon craftiness of this DIY String Heart from Green Wedding Shoes

DIY heart yarn art

Or you can take a different approach, thanks to this DIY Giant Cross-Stitch Wall Art! All you need is a painting canvas, embroidery thread or yarn, and a few other simple supplies, and you have a large, hip version of a tried and true craft. Check out all the details at Whimseybox:

Large cross-stitch DIY project

Wowie zowie! We’re loving this Ojos de Dios Yarn Mandala featured on 2Modern. Created by Jay Mohler, these tribal masterpieces are available through his Etsy shop. Buy them in their completed form, or purchase one of the DIY kits and experience a do-it-yourself project on a whole other level!

Yarn art mandala

Rather than criss-crossing, what if you wrapped and tied? Now you can, thanks to this Yarn Font DIY from Giddy Giddy. All you need is pipe cleaners and yarn. In fact, this project is so easy, it’s perfect for kids. Craft it , then secure it to the wall by hanging the looped letters on a couple of nails…

Yarn word DIY

Speaking of letters, you can make a big statement with just a few… In fact, all you need is a paper mache or wooden letter that you can wrap in yarn for crafty monogram effect. It’s well worth the time this project takes, and the results are bold and stunning, as you can see! [from Sarah Ortega via Groom Sold Separately]

Yarn art monogram

On-the-Wall DIY Yarn Art Projects

We now move to the world of yarn DIY projects that are created ON the wall. This is the kind I attempted, and I can tell you from experience that the scariest part is getting started. But that’s also what makes a project like this so exhilarating. If you pull it off, there’s definitely a level of pride matched only by the level of investment you have in the project! Check out the amazing yarn installation below from The Chronicles of Yarnia. In fact, a customer of Portland’s DIY yarn store Yarnia created this project with yarn he bought from the shop, then sent this photo to the store’s blog to showcase the results. Impressive!

DIY yarn art installation

So we know it’s still six months until Christmas, but we couldn’t help ourselves! This DIY String Art Christmas Tree brings two important points to light: the fact that yarn art is perfect for the creation of angular geometric forms, and the fact that using a non-permanent adhesive, such as 3M decorating clips, can make the wall art a lot friendlier for renters. Details at My Poppet.

DIY wall art with clips

Ready to get fancy? Yes, the yarn art below is a true showpiece! In fact, this portrait string art project from Wisecraft packs a powerful punch, but it’s doable. It just takes patience… Tape a pattern sheet to the wall, use nails to follow the image, and go to town with the yarn:

String art portrait

Say it with words! Yes, actual words! This sweet DIY project idea certainly reinforces the comforts of home. Plus, it opens up lots of possibilities for other phrases, including the name of your child (so cute for a nursery or kid’s room, don’t you think?)… A full tutorial can be found at Jen Loves Kev[via Creature Comforts]

Home Sweet Home DIY yarn art

We end with a DIY project that really has the power to shape a space. In fact, this art installation gets its strength from an abundance of masonry string, as well as a floor-to-ceiling expanse. Did we mention that there are 768 nails involved?! Check out all the details at June Cleaver Nirvana:

String wall art arch

Do you have a DIY yarn art project idea you’d like to share? Leave a comment below and let us know what you’ve been up to…

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