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Brunch Ideas for a Stylish Gathering

There’s dinnertime, there’s lunchtime, but nothing beats a brunch time! That’s right, folks–today we spotlight the beauty of a well-planned brunch. A little hint: it’s not as hard as it looks! In fact, hosting the perfect brunch starts with taking the emphasis off “perfect.” While the blogosphere is filled with images of party tables (even brunch tables) filled with neatly labeled edibles on matching paper, don’t feel pressure to over-coordinate. Sometimes less is much, much more. [from Architect Mom]

Colorful brunch table

Rely on the beauty of a simple vase of fresh flowers. Let the artistry of a fruit platter speak volumes. Revel in the design magic of a creative place setting. And most of all, make it easy on yourself! Today we show you how…

Setting the Stage…

Just how do you set a brunch table? There’s no one right way! But here are a couple of ideas… For starters, let the food serve as your centerpiece. After all, you have to cook, don’t you? Don’t stress about how to decorate your table. Put that energy into preparing beautiful food. If you’re still looking for a way to add festivity, you can always add a vase of flowers (as mentioned above), or you can drape a festive garland in a visible spot. Below we see a Mother’s Day Brunch Surprise from Hostess with the Mostess

Brunch table and goodies

Then there are the place settings! Now is a great time to bust out those colorful dishes or glasses you never get to use. Add an eye-catching napkin ring, and you’re set. Get inspired by the place setting of the Modern Spring Brunch below. View the entire gallery at Confetti Pop:

Beautiful brunch table setting

Brunch Food and Drink Options

Let’s hear it for the food and drinks! After all, the main activity of a tasty brunch is eating, right? One of my favorite ways to entertain involves introducing an unexpected cocktail. I was delighted to find this Apple Flower Cocktail from A Beautiful Mess, complete with a light and refreshing recipe that includes apple and lime juice, as well as rosewater and Bénédictine Liqueur!

Apple flower cocktail

I hosted a party last week and served these Strawberry Balsamic Basil Spritzers from A Cozy Kitchen. It’s always nice to offer a non-alcoholic option that’s as special as the alcoholic drinks! With a strawberry balsamic puree and a basil simple syrup, this recipe is absolutely delicious. And its unusual nature will pique your guests’ interest!

Strawberry balsamic spritzer

Remember when we said this post was all about making it easy on yourself? What could be easier than setting up a bellini bar that allows guests to mix their own drinks? The bar below features champagne, fresh fruit and fruit purees. Deliciously wonderful and perfect for the host who doesn’t want to be refilling drinks all morning! [from HGTV.com]

Bellini bar

We now begin transitioning from drinks to food with the help of the festive shots below. Individual servings of orange juice and a delicious coffee cake demand to be consumed. Notice how pink is used as a brunch theme color, thanks to striped drinking straws and edible flowers. For further details on this event styled by Trish of Frilly Milly Events, check out Celebrations at Home.

Coffee cake and orange juice at a brunch party

When we saw this tasty image below, our jaws dropped! What better way to serve up a decadent brunch feast than by layering a cake stand with delicious goodies? Below we see cranberry-orange scones complemented by fresh strawberries and clotted cream. This beautifully planned brunch was created by Camille Styles for Hayneedle.com:

Scones delight at a festive brunch

And now we focus on a key entertaining question: Do you serve individual portions that are easy for guests to grab, or do you let them scoop their own servings from large bowls and platters? That is totally up to you! Some hosts relish arranging bite-sized portions on tables. After all, uniform groups of goodies make a decorative statement as well as a culinary one. Not to mention, it’s super easy for guests to serve themselves this way. But it definitely takes a great deal of preparation. On the other hand, buffet-style platters may ultimately be less sanitary during key times like cold and flu season, but it’s much easier on the host to let guests do the dividing and conquering. Weigh the pros and cons of each approach and make the best decision for yourself (and your event). Below see see delectable details from a Vintage-Modern Bridal Shower featured at Hostess with the Mostess

Individual servings of brunch goodies

One reason a brunch gathering can be easy as well as fun: frittatas! That’s right–this easy-t0-prepare dish is beautiful to look at and simple to prepare. In another image from the above-mentioned Hayneedle brunch created by Camille Styles, we see a delicious Asparagus and Mint Frittata embellished with savory mushrooms!

Brunch frittata

Brunch Favors

There’s no rule that says you have to gift your guests with favors at the end of the brunch gathering. But for those who want to go the extra mile, we thought we’d offer a couple of ideas… Succulents are stylish, relatively easy to care for, and affordable. Send brunch-goers home with their very own low-maintenance greenery, as shown below. This gesture will be the perfect exclamation point to your festive gathering! [from Monji Landscape Companies]

Succulent favors

…and you can NEVER go wrong with a foodie favor! A delicious cookie, a decadent truffle or a special ingredient to be enjoyed at a later time are all memorable edibles. We’re crazy about these infused sugars, which are easy to prepare (and much-appreciated by guests, as few people take the time to create their own specialty sugars)! Check out all the details at HGTV.com

Infused sugars

To wrap it up: don’t stress over decorations, serve up some easy-to-prepare frittatas, balance them with a couple of sweet goodies, treat guests to memorable drink options that they can serve themselves, and send them home with a goodie if you wish. Do you have any decorating tips you’d like to share? Leave a comment below…

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