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Blurring Boundaries: Innovative Texas Home Is Truly One With Nature!

An open living plan is an interior design trend that most modern homes are gleefully adopting. Yet, the unassuming Story Pool House in Center Point, Texas takes the concept of inviting the green surroundings indoors to a whole new level. Sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling glass windows do provide a seamless visually connectivity with the exterior. But this charming house seems to have pretty much done away with wall altogether in an attempt to provide a natural haven draped in rustic Texas flavor that is both unique and inimitable!

Story Pool House in Center Point Texas

More than a house, the Story Pool designed by Lake Flato is a large open air pavilion that gives you’re the experience of living on a Texas ranch even while enjoying all the modern amenities. Created from locally obtained limestone, steel, and wood, the design of this ingenious house is deceptively simple. The limestone walls house the private quarters and the bathroom, while the living area, the kitchen and a lovely dining space are all located outside.

Lake Flato designed the home with limestone, woode and steel

Enjoy the dusk as you sit down for a snack

Open air kitchen and dining space of the Story Pool House

Stylish pool also helps in cooling the residence

A cleverly placed wooden roof and the wall offer ample shade during daytime and also allow you to take in the warm, golden hues of dusk as night life descends upon the ranch. The décor is kept to a bare minimum with earthen colors dominating the scene. A cool airstream created by the private deck and the refreshing pool help escape the midday heat in style. Modest and unpretentious, a house like this might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But nestled in the heart of Texas, it does epitomize the region’s love for the great outdoors with style and panache.

Elegant kitchen offers wonderful views of the low rolling hills in the distance

Ergonomic design of the house provides ample shade during daytime

Furnishings and decor exude a rustic charm

Accessories are kept simple in the Story Pool House

Limestone walls of the Story Pool House

Perfect house for those who love the outdoors

Relax next to the refreshing pool

Texas home is a refreshing blend of private and public spaces

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