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Minimalist Bachelor Pad Brings Sleek Style to the Single

For most a bachelor pad is a place that is put together with pretty much everything and anything that is easily available without too much concern for either style or sensible design. Most often, they tend to remind us of an area that has been recently visited by a hurricane or two. Some do tend to clean up once in a while. But things get back to messy normal within no time at all. This uber-stylish and minimalist bachelor pad though seems to be an exception to the norm. Elegant and contemporary at every turn, this might even put some of the more carefully decorated homes to shame!

Minimalist bachelor pad exudes style

Just because you happen to be single does not mean a bit of panache cannot find refuge in your studio apartment. If anything, the prospect of someone coming over every weekend (assuming you are blessed with the skill that takes) should actually tempt more guys to draw an inspiration from this minimalist’s delight. Colored in darker tones, this fabulous apartment moves away from the popular trend of using lighter shades even though white still makes up the backdrop.

Living room of the bachelor pad

Stylish pendant light above the dining area

Dining room decor that is simple and elegant

With gray becoming a hit in recent times, a generous splattering of this color along with a few warm wooden surfaces shapes the interiors. Space is obviously a premium here and hence the entire area is kept as uncluttered as possible. A beautiful living room, lovely dining area, daft home office and a plush bedroom carry the trendy color scheme throughout. Interesting pendant lights, table lamps and floor rugs bring in a touch of uniqueness to every room.

Color is kept to a bare minimum as a tiny hint of red is all you find in this chic dwelling. Though some believe that bachelor pads sacrifice form for the sake of functionality, this seems to bring together a perfect combination of both. Despite that superb balance, it does away with any excesses thanks to the minimalist theme. [spotted on: homedit]

Ergonomic home office carries through the minimalist theme

Plush bedroom in the stylish bachelor pad

Creative lighting additions offer a modern vibe

Red accents in a gray, white and black setting

Contemporary bathroom in gray and white

Recessed lighting works beautifully in a minimalist setting

Warm wooden tones offer visual contrast

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