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24 Minimalist Home Office Design Ideas For a Trendy Working Space

The modern trend is indeed all about ‘less is more’ and the philosophy is pretty evident in the way current set of designers and architects and their designs for contemporary homes. With clients also increasingly opting for the sleek, stylish and clean look that has well-defined lines, interiors of modern homes seem to be following the minimalism trend to the core. Home office designs are also following the same path and that is only understandable as they need to blend in with the already existing interiors or seamlessly amalgamate with the rest of the house.

Home office design idea with sleek wooden surfaces and minimalistic overtones
Home office with a multitasking desk and restrained shelf space

Here is a collection of minimalist home office designs that vary in shape, size and often are accentuated by unique shades, colors and patterns that give them much needed individuality. Designs showcasing the fact that inspiration is never too far away; which one do you like the best?

Minimalist home office in wood with Herman Miller Chair

by Tamm-Marlowe Design Studio

Modern home office with sleek black corner table
Gorgeous home office in Vancouver shouts out less is more!

by Odenza Homes Ltd

Ravishing home office space with a tinge of natural green

by Causa Design Group

Ergonomic home office design idea in gray

Easy on the eye and on resources as well

One of the most essential advantages of opting for the minimalist design is that it not only is easy on your eyes and looks both contemporary and classy, but it also does not demand much in the form of materials that are needed. A home office that is minimalist in style also seems to need a lot less décor as cluttering it with too much takes away from the clean and clear lines.

Amoroso Design home office with ample natural ventilation
Black and White Home Office Space with stylish furnishings

by Butler Armsden Architects

Compact home office space encased in glass to ensure you are not disturbed by outside noise

By Axis Mundi

Contemporary home office in New York with sleek and clear lines

by Robert Granoff

Cool minimalist home office space idea
Eclectic Home Office with gorgeous floating shelves

by Vosgesparis

Efficient Home office in the corner of the bedroom

by West Chin Architect

Simple home office with a dash of color on the walls

Space is an absolute premium!

The undeniable fact of urban living spaces is that space is an absolute premium and every inch of it must be used to the optimum level. This is a trend that is not too surprisingly spreading to the smaller towns as well as there is a certain economic and ergonomic merit in such thinking. This demands home office spaces that are compact, do not take up too much leg space and blend in with the savvy layout of the remainder of the home. A demand that is fulfilled perfectly by current minimalist designs and office furnishings-

Sleek and compact home office tucked under the stairs
Spacious minimalist home office with black decor
Streamlined modern office space in black and white

by Z Gallerie

Stunning home office design for those who love minimalism with a twist
Ultra modern and uber-cool home office is all about chic minimalism
Von Hagel’s mini work area in white perfect for kid’s bedroom

by Valerie McCaskill Dickman

White wall mounted desk the highlight of this home office space

by CONTENT Architecture

Wonderfully withdrawn home office with an artistic touch

by Clifton Leung Design Workshop

Wooden accentuated home office with a stylish dash of color


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