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10 Unforgettable Succulent Planter Arrangements

Today it’s all about the succulents, folks! There’s no denying that an easy way to add a modern touch to your patio, deck, yard or sunny interior is to create an intriguing arrangement of plants. And it’s easy to make a big statement with succulents, as these selections have an unusual, almost alien look that makes them perfect for contemporary outdoor spaces!

We’ve rounded up 10 of the most unforgettable arrangement for you to browse. If you’re looking for ideas, you’ll be delighted by the variations in texture, color and height found below. Not to mention, you’ll be introduced to some easy, effective strategies for arranging these plants so you can make the most of your succulent collection. Don’t resist the urge to head to your local nursery–creating a succulent planter is an easy project that can be completed in a matter of hours (or less). And the payoff is BIG!

Round Succulent Planters

We begin with round planters that showcase amazing displays of greenery. But don’t think it’s all about the green. Sometimes it’s about the color as well. Note the amazing rows of color and texture shown in the arrangement below. What a great way to create an impact! [from Chickweed]

Succulent stripes

Another strategy: Choose succulents of a similar shape, but vary the color and size. Round succulents such as echeveria are perfect for an arrangement like the one below, and they are a true succulent favorite. Plus, they’re perfect for round planters, as their form mirrors the shape of their container! [from Pot Incorporated via Houzz]

Succulents of a similar shape in a round planter

A raised round planter is a popular modern statement that is increasingly gracing contemporary yards. There’s nothing like adding a little height to your space! And don’t be afraid to add height to your arrangement using a non-succulent selection, such as a spiky grass. [from Big Red Sun]

Raised succulent planter

Succulent Arrangement Strategies

Next we showcase a few succulent arrangement techniques that add interest and style. For example, don’t hesitate to add some seashells to the mix! Succulents often have a “sea creature” look, so it’s especially fitting that pieces such as sea urchins and sea fans would be used to complement their forms. Below we see a mix of succulents and shells in a copper trough. [from Glenna Partridge Garden Design]

Succulent planter with seashells

We now zoom into one succulent arrangement for our next tip: Use gravel, rocks and glass pieces to create a plantscape. After all, it doesn’t hurt to get creative! Plus, adding patches of color and texture results in a unique statement, as well as a modern look. Now you can sculpt a mini-world in a container! In addition to the nursery, you can head to your local craft store or rock and mineral shop for goodies and inspiration. [from Big Red Sun]

Details in a succulent arrangement

Sometimes it’s all about creating levels of greenery! That’s right–you can add variety to your succulent arrangement by adding tall greenery and cascading selections. There’s nothing like a planter overflowing with succulents from floor to ceiling! [from Urban Nature]

Levels of succulents

One more friendly reminder: Use succulents to add pops of color. Many modern yards forgo flowering plants for native grasses, cacti and other green choices. You don’t need flowers to add color. You can always throw in some radiant hues by way of a succulent planter. How many different shades can you count in the vibrant arrangement below? [from Sitescapes]

Color in a planter of succulents

Unique Succulent Arrangements

We now take a look at some unconventional arrangements that are perfect for the gardener who wants to be a true original! For example, the driftwood arrangement below illustrates that magic that results when you use air plants and succulents such as echeveria to create a bouquet of greenery that emerges from a branch. [from Our Aesthetic]

Driftwood succulent arrangement

Want to catch your guests off guard? Mount your succulent arrangement on the wall! This is the ultimate way to blur the line between gardening and art. And it decreases the chances that squirrels will find your arrangement on an accessible table and take a nibble… [from Big Red Sun]

Wall succulent arrangement

We end with a succulent arrangement that puts an exclamation point on your outdoor space! In fact, this project has been taking the blogsophere by storm. Not only can you create an impact with one planter–you can make a wall of many! That’s right–you can create a succulent planter wall! Make sure it’s on a steady surface, such as the concrete slab below. Read all about it here. [from Zack Benson Photography]

Succulent planter wall

Which of the succulent planter arrangements above is your favorite? Are there any tips and tricks that you’ll be trying at home? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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