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12 DIY Inspiring Patio Design Ideas

Often, much time and energy is devoted to making the inside of our homes look well kept, inviting, and glamorous while little time may be spent thinking about the outdoor space. The patio should really be thought of as an extension to our home.  It’s a place to entertain in the summer time and to sit by the fire on cool nights. It deserves just as much attention as the inside because the design and structure help to complete the beautiful whole package.

by Philpotts Interiors

So let’s delve in!

This one-of-a-kind chess board set up is unparalleled by any other landscaping endeavor. This creative, unique design is sure to have you and your guests entertained for hours! Imagine the excitement when your friends and family step from inside your beautiful home onto a terrace brought to life by a game of chess. Make sure to visit DIYNetwork to learn each step for making your very own chess board patio.

A one-of-a-kind chess board lawn

HGTV features this great porch that would be perfect for those summer night get togethers. The trees that line the walkway are a nice addition to this great space, creating a sense of privacy. This porch is complete with a covered seating area, outdoor kitchen, and built in fireplace everyone will enjoy!

A spacious patio design with a covered seating area

Who wouldn’t want a modern and spacious outdoor cooking area? You won’t see grilling those steaks or flipping those burgers as a chore anymore. Instead, you will be transformed into a chef serving up famous delicacies. Not far from your reach, you can learn how to build this fabulous project for not more than $350.

A spacious outdoor kitchen setup

Beautiful, relaxing, private – that’s what comes to mind with this simple yet elegant design. Cabanas are a great addition to any backyard patio, because they are welcoming and cozy. This particular set-up is affordable and its parts can be purchased at a local hardware store. All you need is plumbing fixtures, some gloss paint, and curtains. We have the step-by-step instructions, here.

A DIY private cabana for your patio

A built in fireplace is a great addition to your patio – popular too! It will definitely serve as a focal point and can be designed according to whatever size and shape you would like. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of cleaning up afterwards or the hazard of catching your lawn on fire by that improvised fire pit that’s nothing more than a shallow hole in the ground! DIYNetwork will tell you how to incorporate this idea into your outdoor living space.

DIY built in stone fireplace

Homedit gives us advice on how to achieve this Roman style patio with flooring that resembles a Mosaic-like design. The look can be achieved by using a combination of different size slabs of somewhat different color and placed carefully in a thoughtful pattern. This beautiful space is classical and will leave your friends wondering just how you did it.

A Roman style patio design with a Mosaic pattern floor

Inspiration for this quaint design comes from Houzz. This cozy patio features a curved walkway with a circular inset which becomes the focus. You can achieve this look by using pavers instead of concrete and by mapping out the perfect shape. Add some flourishing plants and you’ll be well on your way to creating this beautiful space. [A recent John Kraemer & Sons renovation in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN / Photography: Scott Amundson]

A quaint Tuscan style patio design

Stone pavers are what lay the foundation for this impeccable patio. The deep grey tone of the pavers brings out the softer hues of the furniture and greenery of the well groomed garden beds. With precise lines and enough space you can also create this wonderful look.

Grey stone paver patio

This beautiful design creates an elongated patio using multicolored pavers and grass. The stone walls contribute nicely to the ambiance with the flower beds helping to separate the different sections of the patio, helping to create balance.

A patio with a multi-room effect

When brick meets concrete, the end result is this beautiful modern day patio. Warm and welcoming, this spacious design is perfect for entertaining your guests. With a gazebo in the center, plenty of seating, and accessories that contribute to its coziness, what’s not to love about this design? [Image via]

Beautiful brick and concrete patio

Another great idea to inspire your new patio uses large concrete slabs and pebbles. Once you have placed your slabs in the design you would like, just fill in the cracks with pebbles to complete the look. If you decide you would like to alter the design pattern, it’s not too difficult to change it up. The simplicity of this design comes together beautifully with the right furniture and the perfect amount of space.

Large concrete slab and pebble patio design

Which one is your favorite?

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