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25 Asian-Inspired Kitchen Designs Every Foodie Will Love

The beauty of an Asian kitchen is all about the sense of calmness and tranquility that it brings to a home along with sleek design that is perfect for contemporary homes. The understated class also carries with it a touch of mysticism and exotic appeal, which seems to be one of its biggest draws.

The amazing thing about Asian-themed kitchens is the way in which they pretty much fit into any home and become a natural extension of any other design style – be it minimalism or traditional.

Asian design inspired kitchen with bookshelf at the end of the bar for cookbooks

Our great collection of Asian-styled kitchens have an amazing sense of frugality, eliminate the excess and an bring back the … natural – all key components to the traditional lifestyle of the region.

Brilliant Asian kitchen with sleek and organized shelf space lit by stunning pendant lamps

by Hamilton-Gray Design

Colorful granite back-splash and countertop along with retro-styled furnishings make up this Asian kitchen

by Grayling Construction

Dramatic modern Asian kitchen with Sub-Zero built-in refrigeration that mimics bamboo cabinetry

by Clarke

Contemporary Asian styled kitchen with a fabulous Yin-yang shaped island at its heart

by Melinamade Interiors

Elegant Asian Kitchen design with stylish modern cabinets

A Sense of Innate Serenity and Balance

Ergonomic Asian kitchen with ample space

Asian design is all about creating the perfect balance. Be it in terms of materials that are used or the many colors and hues that are present in the kitchen. All the visual elements need to be in perfect balance and the best way to achieve this is by using soothing natural tones along with some dark hues to ensure there is an ideal combination of both.

Exquisite Asian Kitchen in light and warm hues with flowing form

by John Lum Architecture

The same can be said for materials as well with stone, natural wood and bamboo being present in the perfect combine. It is all about a seamless marriage of relaxing aesthetics along with elegant ergonomics to create the perfect Asian kitchen design that serves you well.

Gorgeously lit Balinese themed kitchen glows with radiance

by Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

Interesting Asian themed kitchen design sets in a bright and bubbly mood
Lovely little Asian kitchen design with rift-sawn white oak cabinetry
Modern Asian kitchen design engulfed in ample dark wood

by Gardner Mohr Architects LLC

Unique island shape and modern Asian accents grace this attractive contemporary kitchen

by XTC Design Incorporated

Living in Harmony with Nature

Renovated Asian kitchen with ample ventilation and delightful custom rift sawn white oak cabinets

by Applegate Tran Interiors

The single most important aspect of Asian design is the sense of harmony that it reflects not just among individuals, but also with nature that surrounds you. It has been an intricate part of the region’s culture and the use of a bamboo plant or some other green shrubs on those sleek counters gives your Asian kitchen a more authentic look. But, getting down to the ‘bones’ of it all, try to use bamboo shelves and Eco-friendly wood to give your kitchen a true Asian flavor that goes way beyond the cosmetic exteriors and add-ons.

Stylish Asian kitchen with clean lines and muted colors
Stunning Asian kitchen and dining space design with Zen-like atmosphere and Buddha at its heart

by Lankford Design Group

Bamboo cabinetry and a touch of green give this contemporary Californian kitchen an Asian flavor

by Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen

Dark countertops with light cabinets and smart skylights grace this savvy Asian kitchen

by Koch Architects

Flowing form and innovative cone pendant lamps make up this modern Asian kitchen

by Harrell Remodeling

Sleek and Minimalist Design

Sleek Asian kitchen with simple and uncomplicated cabinetry

by John Lum Architecture

A bit of glass, shoji screens and similar styled panels, Shaker-style cabinets, smart use of concrete and natural tones that exude a more ‘earthen’ appeal are ideal for creating an Asian kitchen atmosphere. Most Asian kitchen forms are naturally sleek, highly ergonomic and perfect for the stylish contemporary homes and apartments. Minimalism seems like a natural extension of Asian design and hence you will never have to worry about the kitchen looking a bit too gaudy.

Smart Asian kitchen with horizontal grain wenge cabinets and a couple of skylights

In fact, add a few slashes of bright colors here are there to liven it up a tad bit. Apart from natural green, a dash of red or golden yellow here and there goes perfectly with the Asian kitchen form.

Beautiful kitchen inspired by an Asian theme with an eclectic touch
Compact Asian kitchen design with dark and light bamboo cabinets perfect for modern urban lofts
Elaborate Asian kitchen designed with translucent cabinet doors crafted for the use of a professional chef
Japanese country kitchen with a beautiful balance of dark and light wooden tones

by Mueller Nicholls Cabinets and Construction

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